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Bobcat Bungalow

Comments From Our Guests

August 7-11, 2021
"We had such a relaxing and wonderful stay! Thought we might miss the A/C on mid-80s days, but not at all. The fans and the mtn. breezes were wonderful! Sunrise in the rockers on the porch was amazing! We slept so well in the beds, I took a picture of the make and of the pillows too. Having the trails to stretch our legs was a nice bonus. This was a perfect base for Floyd, where we saw "Seldom Scene", and Galax for the Fiddler's Convention. We also enjoyed a wonderful golf course ( Auburn Hills) in Riner one day. Hated to leave!"
Charlotte, NC Camilla, GA

July 20-26, 2021
"Such a blessing to enjoy your family's company and this beautiful cabin. I had the best night of sleep in months! Enjoyed coffee on the porch this morning, listening to the birds serenading us!" "Awesome cabin and wonderful setting! Thank you so much for your hospitality."
Denver, CO

\ July 3-11, 2021
"Years ago as children we would look up at the sky and could see the two radio towers in Christiansburg, VA. Who would ever know that they would lead us to this cabin 30 years later with my soulmate by my side. As strange as it may seem to some, we have been searching for each other for years and this cabin completed that when we saw the two towers. We knew each other as kids, we played together on Little Creek in Bland, Va at my great-grandmother's house. All that time having no idea that we were meant to be tothether. Then as we got older we both comtinued to look at those radio towers, always wondering why we were both so fascinated with them. Then years later we crossed paths again on I 81 because of a wreck, causing a traffic backup. We were side by side looking at each other and we knew we had met before. Three months later we met again, and two years later we are here in this cabin on our honeymoon. Our first night here we were amazed while standing on the porch when we saw those two radio towers in the distance again. Seeing that just completed our honeymoon. From now on this cabin will hold a very special place in our hearts, and we will definitely be back again. A very peaceful get away and a great backdrop for our honeymoon. With views that hold something special in our hearts forever."
Franklin and Pulaski counties

May 28 - 31, 2021
"Thank you for sharing your cabin and the tranquilty it offers. It is well stocked to make the stay comfortable. The Bobcat is the perfect get-away!"
Jumping Branch, West Virginia

May 23-26, 2021
"The quiet and isolation here brought so much peace to us. Three amazing days of pure bliss! So much attention to detail in the cabin. We brought equipment to cook all weekend - but you already had everything we could ever need. Thank you so much for this beautiful place that we can retreat to - we will be back MANY times!"
Love and Peace
Big Lick, NC

April 8 - 10, 2021
"My husband and I chose to stay at the Bobcat Bungalow for our 37 year anniversary. It proved to the perfect choice. The peacefulness of the cabin was just what we needed. We were blessed with beautiful sunrises and beautiful sunsets. We even experiences a severe downpour of hail and heavy rain on Friday afternoon. The sky cleared perfectly for us to make our way to the Country Store Jamboree. It was the perfect ending to our amazing get-away. Thank you so much for sharing your piece of heaven with us! We will see you again."
Midlothian, VA

March 27, 2021
"Once again a great time at the cabin! We've been here quite a few times now. It was just my wife and me and our two dogs, Rosco and Poppy. We really enjoyed the sunrises and sunsets. Our son came over from Blacksburg for dinner one night as well. Thanks for all you do to make it a great stay."
Burke, VA

March 5-6, 2021
"This was a much needed break from the kids! We've had some trying weeks with our 6 and 9 yr old boys. This cabin was our first thought for a get-away! This will be our third trip to the Bobcat. We absolutely love it here. We love the fire, the bathtub and just being able to relax, read, play games and talk as a couple. We will be back again soon! Thanks for everything!" Kernersville, NC

February 11-15, 2021
"Thank you for sharing your beautiful cabin with us. This was our babymoon together and first Valentine's Day together as a married couple. It was perfect and magical. We lost power due to the ice storm, but as Bob Ross would say, 'There are no mistakes, just happy accidents'. The place turned into a winter wonderland - ice hung on every branch. It allowed us a time of togetherness and tranquility and reflection on how much there is to be grateful for. We spent days just enjoying fire, nature and time together - simple and wonderful things. We thank you for your hospitality and look forward to coming back with baby."
Poquoson, VA

January 16-18, 2021
"We had a wonderful winter stay at Bobcat Bungalow. It snowed while we were here so we were able to enjoy sledding and the beautiful snow covered mountains. We made yummy meals and enjoyed the cozy fireplace. It was a great family time as we head to drop our freshman back off at Virginia Tech."
Chesapeake, VA

December 31, 2020 - January 3, 2021
"We had a great stay to end 2020 (a truly terrible year for all). Thank you for the warm hospitality. Can't wait to come back soon. We brought a TV and streamed health documentaries all weekend, to the delight of our unsuspecting friends. They arrived as carnivores, but are leaving as vegans. Success!"
"HELP! The girls are holding us hostage. They are forcing us to watch vegan propaganda and eat plants. They are surprisingly strong, like an ox, which according to them is due to their 100% plant based diet....Nooo! I am turning into one of them. I apologize for the smell, my body is eliminating all toxins and I can't shut it off. Please if you a reading this bring brisket...and TP."
Virginia Beach, VA

December 17-24, 2020
"We had an amazing time - our second visit. Thanks for the amazing hospitality!"
Washington, DC

December 10-13, 2020
"A great excape from regular life for a few days! Friends from Asheville rented the Cougar and we had a great 'socially distant' weekend. We'll be back!"
Bristol, TN

December 4-6, 2020
"Thanks for another relaxing get-away here! Our favorite place to stay!"
Abingdon, VA

November 25-28, 2020
"What an incredible way to enjoy Thanksgiving! The cabin and atmosphere is perfect! We plan on making this trip again ~ until then God Bless."
Diamond, OH

November 19-21, 2020
"We greatly enjoyed the clean and peaceful cabin. Having plenty of firewood and the fat wood to light it with were great. I enjoyed the Bobcat loop trail as well. Nice to have peace and quiet for a few days."
Charleston, SC
Roanoke, VA

November 4-6, 2020
"Thank you for great visit! Cabin so clean and peaceful. I'll be coming back for my b'day in May 2021."
"Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful cabin for us to enjoy in such a wonderful setting. It's good to break the everyday routines and the stresses we live with. We're hoping to buy a lot in NM or TX and build a small cabin and we got some ideas from this one which is so nicely done. Hope to see you in May. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful place that brings joy to so many people."
Franklin Co, VA

October 23-31, 2020
"We were looking for a place not far from PA and, based on a recommendation from friends who had been here, we reserved Bobcat. So glad we did! It was a wonderful, peaceful get-away. Sunrises were gorgeous, sitting on the porch with coffee. We hiked every day but one - tropical storm Zeta cane through. The best hikes were Buffalo Mountain (loved the view -360 degree around), Cascade Falls (gorgeous waterfall) and McAfee Knob on the Appalachian Trail (spectacular views and great pictures on the rocks). We hiked Rocky Knob which took us up a ladder, over a barbed wire fence and into a cow pasture where you're up close and personal with them! (watch your step.....:-)) We went to Floyd one Saturday for the farmer's market and found Cocoa Mia!! If you want an indulgent treat, we ended stopping there again for hot chocolate on one of those hiking days.
We would definitely come back again, loved it!"
"Great get-away with a friend - enjoying nature and the beauty the Lord created...great meals around the table and unplugging."
Lawrence, PA

October 16-17, 2020
"We had another amazing stay at the Bobcat Bungalow. We picked up our freshman from Virginia Tech and enjoyed a beautiful weekend together. We hiked McAfee Knob and took some incredible pictures at the top. The weather was perfect for fall adventures and fires in the fireplace. It was a great weekend to reconnect and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the mountains."
Chesapeake, VA

October 9-10, 2020
"Thank you for having us here. My mom tried to find a cabin but they were all booked. I love the view from the porch and I think my dog like it too. My dog loves the trails. And my mom and I like the all natural wood and the high vaulted ceiling."
Bryans Road, MD

August 22-27, 2020
"Thank you for a wonderfully tranquil week during such a scary and tumultuous time. This cabin is a little piece of heaven and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay."
Bethesda, MD

August 7-9, 2020
"Thank you very much for your hospitality. A weekend away was exactly what we needed. We can't wait to come back again soon!"
Blacksburg, VA

June 6-7, 2020
"As always, our time spent here was perfection. I feel it's worth noting, (because we will all be looking back on this time someday), that presently our country is just beginning to emerge from it's pandemic lockdown. For our family, this means that we've barely been farther than the end of our driveway since March. We have spent so much of our time at home talking about our favorite past vacations and it's been fun to relive all of the wonderful memories we've made over the years here at your cabins. John and Mary, THANK YOU so very much for all of the care you put into ensuring your guests could have a safe and socially responsible vacation. A long hike, beautiful views, and this gorgeous cabin in the mountains must be just what our family needed because we're all leaving here more relaxed, content, and just generally happier than when we arrived. Happy and healthy wishes to you and your family. Thank you again, we are looking forward to our next visit!"
Chapel Hill, NC

January 13-14, 2020
"Your Bobcat cabin is so beautiful! You were so sweet to allow us to spend one night as we were passing through on our way home from Tennessee! We drove to the Willis Food Market and made a nice dinner in your lovely kitchen, everything we needed! After dinner we took a very relaxing soak in the jacuzzi! Then we played an intense game of Floydopoly! (which he won) The bed here made for a perfect sleep. We will come back for a longer stay!! Thank you."
Bethlehem, PA

December 8, 2019
"Although our time here was short, we made many wonderful memories and will have photos to remember it all. The beautiful vistas, especially the glowing sunrise, were the icing on the cake and only enhanced the warm, cozy space. We found everything we needed and more to prepare our meals. The bedding is exquisite! The sounds of nature barely interrupted by the sounds of other humans-it was all the prefect setting for a bonding time for co-workers to become closer friends. Thank you for sharing your little corner of paradise!"
Blacksburg, VA

November 29- December 1, 2019
"Our family cannot thank you enough for our stay in your beautiful cabin. Every touch was fantastic. Loving this area."
Middletown, DE

November 18-22, 2019
"Such a wonderful honeymoon! We got to sleep, play board games, cook, and sit by the fire. We were so blessed to get to spend time here."
Minneapolis, MN

November 12, 2019
"This is our 9th or 10th time here. Enjoyed as always."
Goochland and Big Stone Gap

November 2019
"After extensive research for many weeks, we finally found a cabin remote enough to have total seclusion from other prople. When you live in an urban area, this is what you need. This was the only cabin (along with the Cougar Ridge Cottage here) with wood floors, leather furniture, and a gas stove - three features of a home we really enjoy- that we could find in Southwestern VA. We highly suggest watching the sunrise from the deck - you will be able to take some amazing photos. We also suggest bringing your own food as the grocery stores are not around the corner. We were able to prepare meals here with ease - your plates are bearutiful by the way. We sure enjoyed mountain living and are not looking forward to going back to city living. All the more reason to make more time for the mountains! Or, maybe it's time to move to the mountains??? Thank you for providing this cabin for city dwellers like us to excape for a few days. We really enjoyed ourselves here."
Alexandria, VA

October 18-20, 2019
"We enjoyed our 6th stay at the Bobcat Bungalow. It was a great time to "reset" as a family and enjoy each others company and the great outdoors. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Homeplace on the ride in Friday night. Saturday, we ventured off and hiked the Cascade Trail. We were rewarded with the most beautiful waterfall. It was an amazing hike and we definitely recommend it. On the way back, we stopped in Floyd and the Floyd Country Store. We brought back a yummy dessert to eat at the cabin. That evening, we enjoyed playing games and the fireplace, while the gentle sound of rain relaxed us. On Sunday, we made breakfast and enjoyed another fire. We really had a great time as a family. It gave us a chance to unplug and reset from our busy schedules. Thank you for your amazing cabin."
Chesapeake, VA

October 13, 2019
"There are few things that can match the bonds of love in a large, close family. There are precious moments in life where those bonds are invariably strengthened. Being here for five days in this most beautiful example of God's blessings has brought this family of nine brothers and sisters more closely to the perfection of that love than can be described. We are all so grateful for this growth, peace, insight, appreciation and joy, surrounded by the grace of a generous God. To our host and hostess, many many heartfelt thanks."
"Thanks so much for all you did to make our time here so much fun!"
PA and DE

October 5, 2019
"This cabin is perfect! Our almost week here was memorable. We couldn't have picked a better place to rendezvous with long time friends from Long Island. The quietude is soothing, and Floyd is a special place. We certainly hope to return soon."
Oriental, NC

September 8-9, 2019
"This mini vacation has been so peaceful and rejuvenating to me. I spent two nights here with myself and my dogs. I enjoyed walking through the meadow, sitting on the porch, the view, the fresh mountain breeze, the sound of God's creation, the comfy bed, and the jacuzzi (my favorite). This was a soul searching weekend for me and I am so glad that I took it. Sometimes we need to 'unplug' ourselves from all of the world's distractions and get alone with God. The Bobcat Bungalow was a great place to unplug."

September 2, 2019
"Return visit for us.... Loved it even more than last year, and hope to be back again! Floyd Yoga Jam was magical this year - third time for us. Music, Yoga, intergrative healing 'community'... and much more. This cabin is special. Stargazing, flyfishing, quietude. Visit from a bear! And any numerous other critters. Beautiful sunrises, and sunsets. Floyd is fun. Arts, food...ditto the whole Blue Ridge. Beautiful area. Heading back home (sadly!) today after one week. Considering a longer stay next yr. With gratitude to our hosts for the lovely space they have created and maintained! Namaste!"
Williamsburg, VA

July 19, 2019
"Thank you for having us in this beautiful cabin! We have enjoyed the serene environment that allowed for relaxation and an escape from our busy lives. The Bobcat Bungalow is a wonderful place to slow down and enjoy spending time together. My husband, our dogs Zada and Onyx, and I loved exploring the incredible town of Floyd. Five Mile Mountain distillery and Chatteau Morisette are a must visit for anyone that enjoys a good drink! We loved meeting the people and taking in the sites! How could you not love a town that is dog friendly!? This is a magical place with it's history and amazing views! We will definitely be coming back!
For you fellow travelers, let us recommend some activities:
Drive the Blue Ridge Parway, if only for a short time. It's beautiful and full of incredible overlooks.
Get ice cream from the Floyd Country Store. It's delicious.
Walk Main St. and Locust St. in Floyd. The shops are full of local artists and indulgences (Cocoa Mia)
Enjoy the nature, the quiet and the view!
We hope you enjoy Floyd as much as we did."

June 21-24, 2019
"A very beautiful cabin and location. A quiet respite was needed and achieved. God is good...and the beauty of his creation. Thank you for providing a lovely place to stay."

Upstate New York

May 4, 2019
Thank you for letting me stay in this cabin for free Aunt Mary and Uncle John" Rehobeth Beach, DE

\ March 29-31, 2019
"We had a lovely stay in the Bobcat Bungalow. It is secluded and rustic enough to satisfy the country mouse in our travel party while charming, cozy and safe enough for the city mouse. This cabin is wonderful to return to after a long day of hiking with the dog and exploring the neighboring towns. Thank you for making us feel welcome!"
Washington DC

February 15-16, 2019
"Thank you for a wonderful weekend. This is our 2nd stay here. This is the only time we spend together away from electronics and our busy lives and just reconnect together. We love it here and will be back again!"
Winston Salem, NC

February 10, 2019
"Thank you so much for letting us celebrate our anniversary in your beautiful cabin. We really appreciated the nature, fresh air, and lying by and fire. We sincerely hope to visit soon and keep creating memories in here. Many, many thanks! We loved it."
Washington, DC

October 12-14, 2018
"We enjoyed our 5th stay at Bobcat Bungalow. The weather just started to cool off (highs in the 50s and lows in the 40s) so we enjoyed the fireplace a great deal. On Saturday, we took our daughter to Virginia Tech to explore the school and attend an open house. She loved the school and it is definitely on her list of college choices. We then went in to Floyd and visited the Floyd Country Store. We enjoyed listening to some music and ate dinner. On Sumday, we enjoyed a rainy day inside the cabin. We really enjoyed our stay and feel relaxed and refreshed."
Chesapeake, VA

August 30 - Sept 2, 2018
"Wonderful stay in this beautiful cabin and wooded, natural setting. We were visiting for the annual "Floyd Yoga Jam". Will return. Thank you!" Namaste
Williamsburg, VA

August 25-25, 2018
"The serenity and peacefulness are so rejuvenating, the bushwacking trails and spiders were amazing. You have an incredible property. We will return. Thank you for being patient with all our calls."
Greensboro, NC

August 3-5, 2018
"Really enjoyed our third stay here at the cabin! One of our favorite places to spend a weekend relaxing and getting away from all the stress of life! Will be back soon for sure!"
Sterling, VA Abingdon. VA

March 30, 2018
"We arrived around 6 pm in the evening and stayed 'til 8 am next morning. What a disappointment we could not stay longer!!! This is so beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for a wonderful place."
Charles City, Va

February 16-18, 2018
"We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend at Bobcat Bungalow! We stayed here 2.5 yrs ago on our babymoon and it was just as wonderful this time for an adult weekend away! We are leaving thoroughly relaxed and renewed! We will definitely be back again1"
Durham, NC

December 30, 2017 - January 1, 2019
"Ahhh!!! Sweet relaxation! Thank you for your hospitality, so wonderful to be surrounded by God-made rather than man-made sights!"
Winston Salem, NC

November 26, 2017
"Happy Thanksgiving! We had a great time!"
"We had a great four night stay! The hiking trails ourside of the house were wonderful. We couldn't ask for a better stay!"
Georgia and Ohio

November 3-5, 2017
"Beautiful, peaceful cabin gave us a much needed escape to recharge and enjoy our dogs. Even with the rain, we leave refreshed and ready to plan another visit to this amazing cabin."
Great Falls, VA

October 27-29, 2017
"Our second visit to this beautiful cabin. We love it! Had a great weekend."

October 20-22, 2017
"What a happy surprise this cabin turned out to be! Bobcat Bungalow exceeded our expectations! We arrived after dark and were so impressed when we walked in the door. We didn't realize our spectacular view until we woke up in the morning! We loved the big porch and rocking chairs. They were perfect to drink our morning coffee on while watching the sunrise! We hiked down on the trails, explored the town of Floyd, and visited Chateau Morrisette for a wine tasting and fantastic dinner with a sunset view! I wish we could stay longer! thank you for providing a quiet and luzusious getaway for us!"

October 13-15, 2017
"Thank you for another amazing weekend at the Bobcat Bungalow. This marks our fourth stay at you amazing cabin. This time we enjoyed dinner at the Homeplace, went apple picking at Doe Creek Farm, went to the fall festival at Sinkland Farms, shopped in downtown Floyd, and enjoyed hiking and the beautiful scenery. The weather was perfect..70s during the day and 50s at night. We wish we could stay longer. Thank you for a fantastic weekend getaway. It is just what we needed !"
Chesapeake, Virginia

October 5, 2017
"We are celebrating our 31st anniversary and were looing for a quiet, secluded get-away. This was perfect! We felt like we were the only people for miles around. The cabin is beautiful and much nicer than most of the cabins we've stayed at in the Smokies. Words can't describe the beauty of this property. We wanted to be on the deck, but at the same time we wanted to be sitting in the field. The full moon rising and shining into the open field was one of the most beautiful things we've experienced. It is obvious that a lot of care and attention has been given to the building and upkeep of this cabin. We don't want to leave...But we will be back! Thank you for your hospitality and for making this such a wonderful celebration."
Oak Ridge, TN

September 29 - October 1, 2017
"Thank you for a beautiful relaxing atmosphere to celebrate by daughter's 40th. We enjoyed Jubilee in Floyd. The Black Snake Meadery, Chateau Morrisette, Octoberfest and Farmhouse Restaurant. Capping it off with pancakes at Mabry Mill on our way home. Great memories were made here."

September 24, 2017
"Thank you for being so flexible with our last minute reservation! It was an amazing night and the Bobcat! We will definitely reccommend you services to other family and friends."

September 24, 2017
"My family and i had a lovely time celebrating my 23rd birthday at the Bobcat! It's so peaceful, I want to stay here forever. We will definitely be coming back. Thenk you for having us!"
Ashburn, VA

June 22, 2017
"What a delightful 40th anniversary celebration se've had at Bobcat. We are spoiled by the beautiful setting, the utter quiet and the spectacular view. Thank you for making our visit special!"

June 12, 2017
"This is our second time staying here and we LOVE it! We stayed last month for our anniverwary and this month for our daughter's dirthday - she is 14 now :-) We are so glad to have found this cabin and we will continue to rent it as often as we can get away! We enjoyed visiting the Floyd shops, getting ice cream and grilling on the back porch. We brought our 2 dogs, also, who were very happy here, running and chasing each other around the yard! Thanks for everything and providing everything we need to be comfortable!"
Roanoke, VA

June 10, 2017
"I was SO LUCKY to find this beautiful cabin when searching for a place to stay near Floyd. A get-away was a surprise birthday gift to my husband, so you can imagine how delighted we were to come here. Coffee while rocking in the chairs watching the baby birds in the nest on the ceiling fan...relaxing in the jacuzzi after hiking... having no schedule but to enjoy this lovely cabin...
We did dance with the locals at Floyd's Country store on Friday night too. We met Mary when we picked up our cabin key and enjoyed our visit with her while admiring her flower gardens. Just a beautiful place inside and out!"
Rockville, VA

May 29, 2017
"We have made the Floyd area our family Memorial Day weekend get away. Every year a new cabin to explore. The Bobcat Bungalow has been so nice. The kids (6 and 3) enjoyed swimming in the tuband playing games and puzzles. We emjoyed the hiking trailsguide as well. Fireplace was a great perk every night and morning. Thank you for this place so we can get away from the city."
Virginia Beach, Va

January 2, 2017
"As usual a thoroughly relaxing and peaceful New Years weekend. Great Place to snuggle with the kids, play games and eat our way into 2017. Here's to a 2017 filled with hope, peace and love in America."

December 24-25, 2016
"What a wonderful cabin. Loved the peace and quiet and the quaint setting. Would love to see it with snow or in the spring. Thank for providing such a nice place as we visited family over the Christmas holiday."
Bloomington, IN

November 12-13, 2016
"Second trip to Indian Creek. It is so quiet and relaxing here. Time much needed by the both of us. Saw a big buck this morning at first light. Looking forward to the next visit."
Suffolk, VA

October 10-12, 2016
"We found our time went all too quickly, but may well stay again sometime. We're going to enjoy one last fire, then depart early."
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

September 2-4, 2016
"Our fifth year and running for the Floyd Yoga Jam. See you same time next year."
Roanoke, VA

June 29-July 6, 2016
"After vacationing at the Floyd Hotel for the past ten years, we decided to try something a bit different. We are not disappointed by our choice to stay this past week at the Bobcat Bungalow! As soon as we pulled up to the cabin, we all knew we were in for a treat. The quiet, serene hills, beautiful views, and amazing trails were more than we expected. The cabin itself was more luxurious than expected as well. It is very well kept, very open and spacious to accomodate a few guests we had for the fourth of July, as well as lovely and peaceful for the nights - watching the Milky Way float by. We even brought my son's telescope to see Jupiter (I think) and a few other stars. Even though it stormed (pretty heavily) one night, it was beautiful to watch the lightning from the porch, rocking in the rocking chairs. Oh, and did I mention I want to pack that Jacuzzi up and take it with be back to Jersey!! All in all best family vacation ever! Thanks again for an enjoyable stay!!! See you again next year for our wedding."
Brooklawn, New Jersey

June 10-12, 2016
"We had a great anniversary weekend. The temp was nice and cool on the weekend and this was the peace and quiet we needed. Floyd was a cute town and Christiansburg had everything you could need. Thanks again for the use of your cabin."
Sunbury, NC

May 27-30, 2016
"We had a wonderful, long Memorial Day weekend staying in Bobcat Bungalow. This was our third stay here, and we loved it! We hiked to Dragon's Tooth on the Appalachian Trail. Then we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Homeplace. The next day we visited Chateau Morrisette. We enjoyed some wine, cheese and nuts while taking in the gorgeous scenery. Later that evening, we grilled out and had smores for dessert by the fire pit. We really enjoyed relaxing in this cozy cottage. Thank you!"
Chesapeake, Va

May 1-3, 2016
"It's hard to believe that we first came here in August 2007, first just the two of us. Then we came with 7 of our friends in March 2009. Now we're back with our 2 1/2 year old daughter. This was the perfect place to take her on our first family vacation ever. You just cannot beat the beautiful, quiet, hilly countryside, especially when you're with the ones you love. Thank you for taking such great care of the cabin! We've rented a number of cabins in Ohio and they usually don't stand up to the wear and tear over the years. But yours definitely does! All our best."
Dayton, OH

April 29 - May 1, 2016
"It was another perfect weekend in the mountains (our 4th visit here!) and again we thank you so much for making this possible. This time, we were so happy to bring my parents along and they loved averything as much as we do. We spent a lot of time talking, laughing, and enjoying the view from the porch. We built the best campfire every, hiked the trails, and finished a 500 piece puzzle! It was my mom's birthday on the 28th and we were so glad we could celebrate together here. We're already looking forward to the next visit. See you soon!"
"Thanks so much for the details - we enjoyed playing Blockhead w/ the grandsons and the porch is a peaceful place- from the early morning w/ coffee to the drizzly evening - a wonderful opportunity to visit and make mamories. Can't compliment you all enough on the thought and care you put into this cabin. We hope to be back."
Chapel Hill, NC and Sneads, Ferry NC

March 4, 2016
"We enjoyed the lovely cabin and all the accommodations it held. What a wonderful relaxing experience. We will come again. Thank you!"
Winston Salem, NC

February 19, 2016
"North Carolina girl and Virginia boy met here in the middle for an awesome "lost weekend". We didn't see any buffalo from Buffalo Mountain and we did not see a single bobcat at the cabin. We want our money back!! Fantastic cabin. We want to live here. Thanks!"
NC and VA

January 1-3, 2016
"What a way to start the new year! This cabin is amazing, and just what we needed to close out the holiday season and prepare to return to reality. One weekend is not enough to absorb it all. Thank you so much for the serenity."
Blackstone, VA

December 31, 2015
"The cabin was exactly what we were looking for to ring in the new year in a peaceful and reflective way!"
Roanoke, Va

December 4, 2015
"What a lovely cabin! We had an amazing, peaceful, beautiful evening. Thank you for providing the perfect place to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary."
Christiansburg, VA

November 26-27, 2015
"Happy to be here to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family. What a glorious day! Everthing is just perfect. We are leaving with a gladdened heart. Thank you for the perfect place."
High Point, NC

October 31, 2015
"Happy Halloween!! Great weekend again. Peak colors were probably about 7 days ago, but there are still plenty of trees with leaves in color. Mom and the dogs have enjoyed a lovely quiet weekend."
Chapel Hill, NC

October 11-12, 2015
"Thanks so much. Our stay in the Bobcat Bungalow was just what we wanted and more. We were fortunate in that weather could not have been much better. We loved walking aroung the property and talking to the cows and taking in some absolutely beautiful fall colors! The sunset, sunrise and especially the night sky with the stars was very special. Our trip to the Floyd Country store for the Sunday afternoon jam session will never be forgotten. The cabin itself was so inviting and comfortable. We felt really relaxed and had everything we needed. We will miss the big room. We hope to be back some time, all the best."
Chesapeake, VA

October 10, 2015
"Thank you for sharing your beautiful cabin with us. This week has been the most relaxing we have had in years. Beautiful weather! Hope to see you again."
Chesapeake, VA and Columbia, NC

September 25-25, 2015
"Thank you for sharing your piece of paradise with us! We did not get to 'explore' very much due to our rainy weekend but that was okay. We enjoyed listening to the wind and rain and the sood stove kept us toasty warn. We had a relaxing visit!"
Roanoke, VA

September 11-14, 2015
"We had a wonderful weekend at the Bobcat Bungalow on our "babymoon". It was the perfect excape before we welcome our baby girl! We can't wait to bring her back here next year!"

September 4-6, 2015
"Third year staying here for the Labor Day weekend. Attended the Floyd Yoga Jam. We will definitely be back next year - don't get any ideas...other guests."
Roanoke, Va

August 21-23, 2015
"What a beautiful and peaceful spot! The view is fantastic! The hike may have been a little steep, but worth it. A perfect weekend away - hope to make it back soon. ! Thank you guys for everything."
Roanoke, VA

July 24-26, 2015
" We loved our weekend at the Bobcat. It was very spacious and a perfect place to stay to relax with family and friends! Hope to come back some day! Thank so much!"
Gibsonia, PA

July 3-5, 2015
"Great place to wind down after a week with family in Virginia Beach. Cabin is well kept and the town of Floyd was great. Our stay was very relaxing."
Skaneateles, NY

June 21-28, 2015
"The moon, the stars, the fireflies, the campfire, the exciting storms and cool mountain breezes... Breakfasts on the porch and hilarious games at the table at night...The well-equipped kitchen, spacious living area, and comfortable bedrooms... All these and more made our stay here so relaxing! We enjoyed our stay so much two years ago that we came back and brought friends. The trip up and down from the car was challenging, but one inside, the cabin was pretty handicap-friendsly."
Cecil, PA

June 21, 2015
"We came for our 21st anniversary. Got to see a wonderful rainbow from the porch."" May 30, 2015
"Peace. Time finally did not rule our days. Sleep when we were tired, get up when we were rested. Napped, read voraciously. Crocheted. Hiked. Enjoyed being alone together - not having to share one another with anyone else! Thank you for this haven. We celebrated our 17th fabulous wedding anniversary here. Life hands everyone ups and downs but with the right person and God in your life it can be well with your soul. Bayberry Soap will always make be think of our time here."
Collinsville, VA

May 17, 2015
"We absolutely loved this place! My family and I booked both cabins. Very beautifully furnished and tastefully appointed. Best cabin ever. Loved the peaceful surroundings with the deer in the meadows. Loved the Jaccuzzi. Loved the kitchen and most of all the big table to play games at!"
Jamestown, NC

May 12, 2015
"We arrived at Bobcat Bungalow after our exciting yet hairy trip in MYC and Washington. This place was a welcome retreat of peaceful relaxation and we absolutely adored our short time here! We wish it could have been longer. Thanks for a delightful stay. P.S. Best bits - The veranda rocking chairs and the Jaccuzzi bath."
Chester and London, UK

April 24, 2015
"We bid on a nigh's stay here at Mardi Gras in Floyd in Feb. of this year. It was a silent auction. We had fun there and were tickled that we won the bid for a night's stay here. The cabin and view is beautiful. We enjoyed the Jaccuzzi and grill and wood stove very much. Didn't have time to do firepit. We will be back though. Had a great time!"

April 3, 2015
"This was a great get-away! We loved the view and being away from the hustle and bustle! We loved it!"
Evington, VA

March 31, 2015
"Came for our girl's weekend and had a blast! The cabin is wonderful and fully equipped with all the amenities! We recomment taking a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway for some beautiful scenery. We also recommend doing a wine tasting at Chatear Morrisette. It's lovely. If you don't mind an hou's drive and enjoy hiking, McAfee Knob cannot be beat! The view is incredible. I've had a wonderful time and enjoyed a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Can't thank you enough."
Erie, PA

March 14, 2015
"First time here for a girl's weekend. We arrived on Friday to rain and wind. Loved the wood stove and comfy beds. We can't wait to come back! Hopefully we can do more hiking next time."
Washington, DC and Wilson, NC

March 5, 2015
"We enjoyed a very nice, relaxing evening here. Thanks so much for giving the two night's here to Blue Mountain School silent auction. We appreciated it so much."
Floyd, VA

November 4, 2014
"This was our first time here. Thanks so much for your kindness and hospitality. It could not have been any better. It was such a relaxing time which we greatly needed. We wish we could do this a lot. It was a great get-away. Hopefully, we will get to come back."
Roanoke, VA

October 26, 2014
"Third time here. Once again perfect. This time with our friends (one of forty years). Weather was beautiful. Had great food, great wine, great scenery - a great time. Looking forward to the 4th visit."
Burke, VA

October 20, 2014
"Thanks so much for providing a great place to relax and enjoy being away from it all. We had a wonderful time hiking and spinning year. Can't wait to come next year. The spinners"
Newport, VA

October 10-12, 2014
"This was our 2nd visit to the Bobcat Bungalow. This time, we had rainy weather, but that did not stop us from having fun. We enjoyed cozy fires and delicious meals. We also went apple picking at Ayer's Orchard. Our family once again enjoyed spening time together and relaxing. Looking forward to coming back. P.S. The trees were at peak color this weekend! They were gorgeous!!"
Chesapeake, VA

June 27, 2014
"This is my seventh trip to Indian Creek and once again we enjoyed every minute. I hope to return many more times. Hope to see you soon."
'Back again - great weekend with the power out for Sat. am. As always very relaxing to be here."
Chapel Hill. NC

June 12-15, 2014
"Again, 5 years later for our 15th anniversary! Such a beautiful area, and lovely relaxing and quiet cabin. We thank you! We have refreshed and restored in body, soul, and marriage. Blessings and peace."
Harrisonburg, VA

May 26, 2014
"Thank you for the wonderful cabin! We had a relaxing weekend of hiking and wine and wineries! The beds were very very comfy and the fans we powerful. We will definitely be back to pick some blueberries."
Richmond, VA

May 17, 2014
"The Bobcat Bungalow provided the most perfect meeting for two long distance loves from Charlotte, NC and Fairfax, Va. Everything about the cabin was super comfortable and romantic.We hiked the trails, made cookies, and had a beautiful night under the stars fireside. Thank you for a wonderful weekend. We are definitely coming back;"
NC and VA

April 27, 2014
"Once again we enjoyed our trip to Indian Creek Cabins. Love this place.... God bless all who stay here. We got to see the International Space Station on Friday night. Good Times!"
Gretna and Lynchburg, VA

January 5, 2014
"We started coming here before we were married and now are a family of four! We love it each and every time and - of course- will be back. Happy 2014! P.S. Played Floydopoly ass day yesterday! So fun!"
Wirtz, VA

January 1, 2014
"Once again we absolutely loved our stay. We're debating which cottage we want to stay at next. We've tried them both and they're equally wonderful! Thanks for the hospitality!"
Elliston, VA

December 21, 2013
"Fabulous place! We got to watch a huge storm move in over the ridge. Lovely setting."
Silver Springs, MD

October 25-27-2013
"It took us exactly two seconds to plan our wedding anniversary celebration vacation this year. We all knew that we wanted to repeat last year's celebration and spend a weekend in Bobcat Bungalow. The boys are 5 and 2 this year and we are celebrating our 7th anniversary. what a beautiful weekend! It was chilly and the skies were clear. We ventured out to Sinkland Farms and had a blast at their pumpkin festival. We spent the rest of the weekend in the beautiful cabin and loved every minute of it. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful little part of this world with us. See you next year!"
Chapel Hill, NC

October 18-20, 2013
"My 4th visit. As relaxing and restful as ever. Look forward to visit #5!"

October 11-13, 2013
"This cabin is beautiful. We have really enjoyed our time here reconnecting as a family after by husband's deployment. The rain could not keep us from hiking and a campfire, complete with roasted hotdogs and smores. It has been a wonderful place for two little boys to explore. We hope to return again someday."
Chantilly, VA

October 4-6, 2013
"We had an incredible first stay at the Bobcat Bungalow. We enjoyed the hiking trails and explored the beautiful surrounding area. We visited Chateau Morrisette, where we purchased some delicious wine. We also purchased some local apples, honey, and tickles. Our stay was very relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. We enjoyed the beautiful mountain views and lots of wildlife. On our last night here we had a fire in the firepit and made s'mores. We love this cabin and all that it offers. We plan to make this a yearly tradition for our family."
Chesapeake, VA

September 27-29, 2013
"An awesome cottage get-away for the weekend. We loved sitting on the deck sharing our morning coffee with our dog, and taking walks around the area. Gorgeous nature site and a relaxing environment!! We look foward to returning again." Alexandria, VA

August 24, 2013
"I grew up coming to Indian Valley for weeks at a time in summer. My grandparent's 100 acre farm was at Mack's Mountain and we would take walks up the mountain. What wonderful memories."
"Had an awesome visit, great hospitality and very relaxing. We definitely want to come back when we can stay longer."
Danville, VA

August 1-3, 2013
"Best Friends Get-away! Just exactly what we were hoping for - nature, peace, and quiet. The beds are wonderful! I slept better here than I have in a long time. Delightful to enjoy a large firepit. Thank you for creating this wonderful, secluded, peaceful area for others to enjoy."
Crossville, TN

July 28, 2013
"We have very much enjoyed our visit to your beautiful corner of our world. Your cabin provides perfect comfort and between the music and the magic of FloydFest and the wind in the trees, we return to Indiana and New York with hearts full and grateful."
Indianapolis, IN

July 15, 2013
"Great cabin - looking forward to returning in the future."
Berryville, VA

June 30 - July 5, 2013
"You have created a truly special place!!! The Bobcat Bacin was a real treat; peaceful and truly serene. We felt like mother nature was in our living room. What a wonderful relaxing and most enjoyable time we had with some special friends of ours. Your warmth and inviting hospitality will not be forgotten. We hope to see you again in our life's journeys. The best to you and your family! Thanks soooo much."
Cobleskill, New York

June 29 - 30, 2013
"This place is amazing! Thunderstormed last night and we were albe to sit on the porch rocking chairs and listen to the rain. We came in from LA so this has been incredibly relaxing compared to what we're used to. Also, anyone who stays here must take advantage of the Jaccuzzi! We hope to be back for another romantic get-away at some point."
L.A., CA

June 16, 2013

"Once again we returned to Bobcat for our reunion and had a fabulous time in this great space and setting. Perfect for two couples who love to hike, cook and talk together."
Asheville, NC and Charlottesville, VA

June 7, 2013
"Lovely porch and view!"
Maugansville, MD

May 19 - 26< 2013
"Love, Love, Love the cabin and the views, mtns and meadows. We already knew we loved the area to ride our motorcycles! We will be back. Thank you for your hospitality, esp. the yummy jam."

May 16 - 19, 2013
"Our family returned to "Bobcat Bungalow" this weekend to attend our son's graduation from Virginia Tech. Our daughter and son-in-law also stayed with us (along with our grandson-to-be). This is such a quiet and peaceful place and serves as a nice 'base' for driving in and around the area.. Once again we all enjoyed our visit."
Mt Pleasant, SC
"We loved it here and will definitely be back! Thanks so much for the wonderful accommodations!"
Charleston, SC

April 26, 2013
"The cabin is awesome! We really enjoyed our stay. On our way to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway. Thanks for everything - the jelly is yummy!"
"Totally kitch and wonderful. planning to build our own, hope you don't mind - going to take a few ideas from you lovely place. Can't wait to tell others and come back for longer. Jelly rocks!!"
Fuquary Varina, NC

April 21, 2013
"I have stayed in many cabins in my day, but this is by far the best. In fact, the word 'cabin' seems too pedestrian for this lovely, well-appointed haven of happiness. The location and view are perfect, and I could sit in one of these rocking chairs forever. I have been fantasizing about a place exactly like this for decades and now I know what I want: this! So this is my new plan - get a Bobcat Bungalow of my own. I've never been happier or more at peace than here - it just feels right. The spirit of these mountains has steeped into my bones and soul.
I love Floyd - came for the music and discovered the best kept secret of this area. Food's not bad, either! The jam was incredible; in fact, we couldn't control ourselves and ate it all so we have none to take home with us. The only downside: we have to leave tomorrow. However, we'll be back. Thanks for everything."
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

April 21, 2013
"There is a oneness, a synergy to this place where everything fits. Whether by chance or design, you have accomplished great things here."
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

April 12, 2013
:Our stay was just wonderful! Don't need to say any more..."

April 5, 2013
"We could have not asked for a better treat! We could stay here forever. All you need is here, peace, quiet, comfort, fresh air, nature at it's best, four rocking chairs looking out to the best view ever, a warm fireplace, and even a little snow on April 4th to top it off! Thank you!"
Fairfax, VA

March 26, 2013
"I have been searching for a little piece of heaven on earth and I finally found it here at Bobcat Bungalow! Thank you so much for this needed get-away from it all. The peace and serenity - the beauty, I will keep in memory forever - Can't wait to come back!"
Salem, VA

March 25, 2013
"Needed a vacation from work with some R & R...Found it here at the Bobcat! :-) I will be back as this was better than I could have imagined. The hosts were so nice and this town is just so quaint and full of nice people. Great views, fresh air...wow! Be back soon!:-) Thanks again."
Roanoke, VA

March 14 - 17, 2013
"We bought tickets to Chateau Morrisette's 'Murder Myster Dinner Theatre' and decided to make it a 'weekend' get-away. We found these cabins on line and made reservations based on the reviews and pictures. The Bobcat Cabin exceeded our expectations. We live in a log house in south central Virginia so we love the rustic yet superb features to this rental cabin. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and we will be back soon."
Sycamore, Va and Forest, VA

March 10, 2013
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for a lovely (and much needed) night away. The cabin is beautiful, the views are spectacular, and the wagon is really fun to ride down the hill (theoretically, of course). You seem to have thought of everything to make this place special, and we really appreciated all the extra touches. We hope to be back soon!"
5 Mommies from Roanoke, Va

February 16, 2013
"Absolutely wonderful evening in your beautiful cabin. So relaxing. Hope to come back soon."
King, NC and Beckley, WV

February 3, 2013 (Superbowl Sunday!)
"Thank you so much for letting us stay in your beautiful cabin. We had such a peaceful weekend. We enjoyed the views and the snow. Hope to make it back again, maybe when it is warmer :-). Our dog had a great time too!! All the best."
Richmond, VA

October 28, 2012
"On our first night here, our 4-year-old son excitedly proclaimed, "This is the best vacation ever!" The rest of the family whole-heartedly agrees. We are here celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary with our two boys (ages 4 years and 18 months). I ca't imagine a more perfect place to get away to, to celebrate our family. We loved hiking the trails and found this beautiful cabin to have everything we needed. What a treat to have nothing to do but to relax, laugh, and enjoy our time together in such a gorgeous setting. We are looking forward to many, many return visits. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us."
Chapel Hill, NC

October 21, 2013
"Our second stay. This time with our two boys and our two dogs. Had a terrific time! The dogs walked with us on our hike. Leaves were beautiful!! Had a great pizza in Floyd, breakfast at Maybry Mill, and a dinner here in the cabin. No TV, No car noise, just the wind. We will be back again!"
Burke, VA

October 14, 2012
"We enjoyed our weekend in your beautiful home! It is so peaceful and is also a beautiful home. Thanks for allowing us to stay here for the weekend. We hope to come back soon!"
Lynchburg, VA

October 14, 2012
"Another enjoyable stay! Thank you for your beautiful property. I enjoy it so much. See you again soon!"
Richmond, VA

Oct. 7, 2012
"Thank you for a wonderful weekend! We met our friends from DC and had a great time catching up by the fire. The visit couldn't be more perfect."
Charleston, SC and Washington, DC

Sept. 17, 2012
"Thank you for a beautiful night. We so enjoyed being here. Spending our anniversary together at your bungalow. We talked about our future together and this place will forever be in our lives. Thank you."
"My boyfriend gave me a ring!!! Thank you for your generous hospitality! Beautiful!"
Blacksburg, VA

Sept. 14, 2012
"6 friends from 6 different places sojourned from across the country to rendezvous for a boys reunion. From CA, NJ, MS, Richmond, VA, Lynchburg, VA, and Roanoke, VA, all made the trek to this oasis. We all met at Liberty Univ. in 2003 and since then this group, and many others who couldn't make it, have created many a memory via camping trips, road trips, and all sorts of shenanigans. It's been four years since we have all been together again like this. Rendezvous in the past have typically taken place in the woods of VA at some secluded spot where boys could be boys; harvesting wood, making fires, pitching tents, exploring the land, building fishwheels and lean-tos, and falling asleep to the sound of a babbling brook. So a cabin was new to us and it DID NOT disappoint! As we rolled up to the cabin we were all smiling like it was Christmas morning. A heavenly light beamed down upon the cabin and I'm pretty sure I could hear the sound of a heavenly host of angels singing as we gazed upon what would be our shelter and refuge from the monotony of daily living. Once the cabin was occupied what followed was STRAAIIIGT FELLOWSHIP! Trips down memory lane were followed by non-stop laughter, tears were shed (from the laughter), cheeks hurt, and we've all developed 6-pack abs after all the laughing.
There were no kids or girls here, it was boys night. So we had our bonfire, we drank (modestly) and smoked cigarettes (modestly) and went for a woods-walk, cooked some brats, and played 'Mario-cart'. Every one of us was impressed with the beauty of the cabin and God's creation that encompassed us. Everything we needed was here, even firewood! The sky was magical and we eventually went to sleep with all the windows open, listening to nature as cool breezes of happiness put us to sleep. Thank you!"
6 from all over

Sept. 10, 2012
"Thank you for sharing this with us. Our journey here took us from Afghanistan and the tranquility was wonderful. Much needed."
Glasgow, Scotland
Washington, DC

Sept. 3, 2012
"This is a perfect place to enjoy a 20th anniversary. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy the cabin. Nice and private."
Powhatan, VA

Aug. 19, 2012
"Thank you for a lovely weekend. Our stay in the Bobcat cabin was great and we enjoyed the hiking trails. Wine tasting and dinner at the Chateau Morrisette was also excellent."
Blacksburg, VA

Aug. 5, 2012

"The Bobcat cabin was lovely and relaxing. A nice spot to get away from it all and relax. The surroundings were beautiful. Thank you for the blackberry preserves - excellent."
Cinncinnati, OH

July 25, 2012
"Oh what relaxing fun we had! We have stayed in some cabins before, BUT NOTHING like yours! The old wood interior, the porch, rocking chairs, etc. were so charming. And that you built "Bobcat" yourselves simply added frosting to the cake. And the weather! Wow- how do you do it? Pleasant days with nice breezes to keep all comfortable day and night!!! Finally, but not least, we so enjoyed FloydFest. Our first 'out in the country' music festival. The nicest people by the 1000s we've ever been around. Between the Feistival and the shops/stores in Floyd we met the neatest fan people over and over. Almost got on a first-name basis with the ladies in Floyd hardware store at "The Traffic Light". Because of them and all the important items (practical, unique, interesting, unusual, etc.) they carry, each trip was almost like going to a toy store at Christmas time. Whether in eateries, shops, grocery stores, gas stations, small convenience stores, etc., everyone was nice and so helpful.
Back to FloydFest. The people were as great as the music! For example in the very crowded Pink Floyd "Beer Garden Stage" area, very crowded on Sat., a couple were leaving for a while. They came over where we were sitting on rocks around a pool and asked if we would like to sit in their chairs while they were visiting elsewhere!!! Who ever heard of such a thing from total strangers?
And the Music - wonderful! We came mainly with our daughter and son-in-law to hear Brandi Carlile --she is more awesome live than on her cds. She made everyone feel like she was having such a great time at her first FloydFest. All four of us 'danced in the pit' for over a half hour to HaHa Tonka at the Beer Garden stage under the shade of the great trees (never done that). The bluegrass bands at the VA Folklife Workshop Porch were really great - and we were up-close and personal with them. The Drew Emmitt Band and also Drew with Leftover Salmon (what a name) were wonderful! Sara Watkins at the main stage was so good and fun with her energetic fiddle work and great voice. Wayne Henderson at the Workshop Porch was also great. Good music, fun stories, up-close quality entertainment, and the nicest people everywhere. We'll be back!"
Hayes, VA

July 1, 2012
"..."Franklin/Storm Wedding"
After a 100 degree day we arrived at Bobcat by 7, a good six hours in the car, Chambersburg to Indian Valley. The 'prince-ly' cabin greeted us with a cool shower with ammenities to prep our pre-prepared dinner. "Oh Annie..." I says..."look at the bank of clouds flanking the sunset".... After our toast, and first bite, Pow!! Thwack, Zip, Zap and the power of the wind...slamming over our roof. We easily found the flashlights provided, lit up our votives and enjoyed the storm with the lights out!! Now that's romantic...little did we realize 'til morning, as we met up with other wedding guests, that a tornado touched down in Roanoke, and pulled down three posts of the circus-sized tent set up for the reception at the Heaven's Holler!!
The Pelusos provided water, a shower at their generator fed home...and we proceeded to have a grand Venezuelan/Virginia wedding!
May your stay be as memorable, and may you find an arrowhead nearby!"
Riegelsville, PA

June 24, 2012
"We had a great time! Cabin was well stocked, we had a quiet breakfast with local foods. The stars were fabulous. As we are from northern Virginia, the peace and quiet were a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle we live in. The hike gave us a good cardio workout, (lots of hills!). We are ready to see some more wineries! We will be back."
Burke, VA

June 16, 2012
"What a wonderful place to immerse yourself in nature and indulge in a little luxury at the same time. Thank you so much for sreating this very special place, with so many thoughtful touches! I can't wait to visit again, and next time try out the trails."
Rocky Mount, NC

May 20, 2012
"This was our first trip to these cabins and we had the time of our lives! This is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy company. We went to the winery on Saturday and had a great time. Thank you for the wood, we had a fire both nights and sat out by the firepit and laughed until we hurt. We have had such a great time and want to thank you for sharing your cabin with us. Lastly...what happens in Floyd.....stays in Floyd! We will be back soon! P.S. The jam was great!"
The Firepit Five, Salem,VA

May 3 - 6, 2012
"Our third trip to "The Bobcat" and another perfect visit for the entire pack. Gemma flushed out a deer Saturday on our mini-hike and chased for quite a while. On the morning of our departure we heard an odd bird calling. It sounded like a monkey, then I saw a huge (crow-sized) bird fly near the front door porch. It was a pileated woodpecker!! It was so much bigger than any other woodpecker either of us have ever seen! We are hoping to spy it again on our next visit. We will need to some back for a summer visit, then we will have experienced "The Bobcat" during each season. How fortunate for us. Thank you. We are so grateful for your hospitality and friendship. Until our next visit - keep well."
Raleigh, NC

March 23-25, 2012
"Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful cabin! We will treasure the memories here always! Your hospitality and special touches in the cabin, along with the views, have blessed us immensely! We pray God's blessings on you and all your endeavors! May God richly bless you with peace and hope!! Thank you again!
Hampton, VA

March 10-16, 2012
"From beginning to end our many stays in your beautiful cabins have been memory-makers. Many thanks for all the gracious hospitality. We look forward to returning to this place often. We know that future guests will come to love it as we do."
Houston, Texas

February 9-12, 2012
"Another perfect stay! Gorgeous cabin, so relaxing - no stresses from home, but all the comforts of home. Delicious blackberry preserves, and beautiful Virginia views. Thank you, you have something special here!"
Roanoke, VA

January 28, 2012
"We came here on Friday and we went dancing at the Floyd Country Store! Then today we went to Maybry Mill. Then we are just chillin'. Love the quiet place here, hope to be back soon! Thanks Bobcat!"
Union, WV and Greenville, NC

January 21, 2012
"Looks as though we are the first to stay at Bobcat in 2012! We had a very relaxing time, just the two of us. Next time we will bring our two children and do some exploring on the hiking trails. We will be back sooner than later. Thanks Bobcat!"
Radford, VA

December 2, 2011
"A truly wonderful place... My partner and I staying here to celebrate her birthday away from the hustle of our everyday and it was everything we had hoped for. Thanks you."
Blacksburg, VA

November 13-15, 2011
"My husband brought me to your 'place of peace' for a couple days after the passing of my beautiful and beloved mother. My children in Roanoke were of great comfort too, but it was so good to be here in your lovely cabin to collect my thoughts before returning home. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy the peace and quiet of your cabin and it will be a part of our memories. Hope we can come back again soon. P.S. Thank you so much for the jam, we always enjoy it." Richmond, VA

October 27-31, 2011
"Where to begin!? What a perfect location to celebrate my husband's 50th trip around the sun. The cabins are more lovely and beautiful than the photos on the website can convey. This is the first time we've arrived and found the property better in person than in the photos. This is truly 'luxury in the woods'. We cannot thank you enough for sharing this most amazing, rejuvenating, quiet, soul filling of places. This was our first visit to the area/cabin but most definitely not our last. Being able to fring the whole family (dogs included) makes this the most wonderful of locations."
Raleigh, NC

October 19-25, 2011
"This is the perfect spot to show our family from Idaho the beauty of Virginia. Our stay here has been delightful, the cabin is great and the scenery is spectacular! Every direction you go it is wonderful countryside and we were right in the center of all the places we wanted to see."
Fort Worth, Texas

October 15, 2011
"Romance and Reunion
Merriment and Memory
Nature and Nurture
Sugar (blackberry) and Spice (bayberry)
and everything nice.
That's what Bobcat Bungalow is made of.
As a simple hymn says "There's a sweet, sweet spirit in this place." P.S. Sophie and Sparky (woof) loved it too.
"Another great visit. My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm looking at events in the future to celebrate coming back. The autumn foliage was beautiful."
Richmond, Va

September 30, 2011
"We had a perfect mountain get-away! Loved sitting on the porch, hiking, exploring the area - the monarch butterflies are amazing! We'll be back!"
Hillsborough, NC

September 5, 2011
"This place is the next "Best" place to home. We loved everything about it. We will be back if you will have us! Everything was great!"
Bahama, NC

August 21, 2011
"The past two days have been fantastic! We came to celebrate our anniversary and it truly was the best one yet! Your hospitality and attention to detail was truly appreciated. Waking up on a Sunday morning and watching the sun is the closest to God I think you can get. we'll be back for sure."
Elizabeth City, NC

July 24, 2011
"Just a few of the things we loved about the Bobcat Cabin:
*big comfy beds
*beautiful view from the porch
*well-constructed fire ring
*watching the sunset over the meadow
*the Jacuzzi tub
*the big, open center room
*wifi access
*the attactive, rustic decor
*the fact that the cabin was so nicely stocked with firewood, soap, fluffy towels, etc.
*the proximity to Floyd
Thanks so much for everything!"
Raleigh, NC

July 10-18,2011
"We've had a great week here in the Bobcat Cabin, Again we appreciate all the wonderful details that make this such a special place. Hope to be back very soon!"
Houston, TX

July 7-10, 2011
"A refuge for those who seek calm, peacefulness and to reconnect with nature."
Chesterfield, VA

July 7-10, 2011
"Wow, what a spiritual and soul satisfying place. I love the quiet, the sounds of the birds, the breezes and cool temperatures in July! This will become my favorite getaway in the future. I can't wait to bring my sister here for our weekend in October. She is so excited to be coming for her first visit. The jam was great and all the comforts are fabulous! See you in October."
Richmond, VA

July 1-2, 2011
"Thank you for another beautiful stay at the cabin. Great get-away - peaceful and serene."
From All Over

June 10-12, 2011
"What a beautiful cabin! This was our first visit to Indian Creek Cabins and the Bobcat Bungalow was perfect for the celebration of our first wedding anniversary. We hiked along the Bobcat Loop and ventured into Floyd to eat at the Pine Taven. All the windows really bring the outdoors in and what a beautiful sunrise on the porch! Thanks again for such a beautiful place to share our anniversary and we look forward to making another trip in the fall! P.S. Preserves were excellent and wish we had been here when the blackberries were ready to be picked!"
Rocky Mount, VA

June 2-4, 2011
"Wow!! So much fun!! Four generations here for K's graduation from Med School. Some came as far a CA. Great food, great company and great accomodations!! This is my third time here and I know I will be back. We went tubing down a river, hiked, ate out and in, dogs had fun. Thanks for helping make this a memorable time for our family'"

"I and my family had the funest time at the cabin. My ant was grageiwating. That is why we came heer. We went rafting in tires in a river. I reely reely reely reely like it heer. The last cabin we went to was dusty, dirty, spiders every ware. I couldent go to bed because I was scarde of the spiders. I love this place, I think I am going to come heer again. I love the ches."
Chapel Hill, NC

May 14, 2011
"Visiting from CT...This is a great place. Had a party for family. Nephew graduated from VT. What a place to enjoy family."
Fairfield, CT

April 21-25, 2011
"This was our second Easter in this cabin, third visit. As always love the view and seclusion of the cabin. The kids found an Easter egg (plastic) that we had hidden the year before and was unable to find. We have decided to hide another with a dollar to see if someone else's child finds it, if so leave us a message that it was found and place back into the same place, for we shall be back next year for Easter. (Hint) Check beside the cabin toward the field that is where we found it this year. We had beautiful weather as always love watching the sunrise from the porch, so peaceful. The kids and I were able to pet one of the horses this year. Can't wait until next year to come back."
Bergholz, OH

April 9-10, 2011
"We loved the home - the view, the walks, the weather. Thank you."
Norfolk, Va

April 2-5, 2011
"We enjoyed every aspect of our stay in the lovely Bobcat Cabin. The views, the trails, the comforts of home, and without the intrusions of TV or phones. A most relaxing and rejuvenating retreat for this artist. Many thanks. P.S. Especially liked the picnic area off the Cougar trail."
Charlottesville, VA

March 11-13, 2011
"Thanks so much for letting us stay in your beautiful cabin. We enjoyed everything from the peace and quiet to the cozy accomodations. We are looking forward to coming back real soon."
Rutherfordton, NC

March 5, 2011
"Thank you for accomodating us on short notice - we loved the Bobcat cabin!"
Greenville, SC

Feb. 27, 2011
"A wonderful visit and celebration of John's birthday with your friends and family. Smiles and laughter rang supreme. Your creative labors are a joy. Thank you. Many more celebrations to come!"
Roanoke, VA

Feb. 11-14, 2011
"This is a beautiful cabin on such beautiful land. We enjoyed our relaxing stay so much and plan on coming back many more times. You have decorated this cabin so it feels like we are at home but away from all the stresses and responsibilities. It was good to breathe in the mountain air while hiking on your trails. I had fun cooking and baking and we loved watching movies by the wood stove. You both were very sweet and very hospitable. We plan on telling our friends all about these beautiful cabins. See you again. PS the jam was delicious! Thank you!"
Roanoke, VA

Jan 28 - 29, 2011
"A most sacred space in a sacred place. There will have to be return visits to further explore what there is to offer here. Namaste and thanks!"
Dublin, VA

Jan 15-16, 2011
"We had another wonderful stay in your amazing cabin! We have been coming for many years now for our anniversary and we love it! This year we celebrated our 17th together. Thank you so much and we'll see you next year!"
Roanoke, VA

December 31, 2010 - Jan.1, 2011
"We so enjoyed our stay in your very beautiful secluded cabin. This is definitely the way to go to get some peace and quiet. We have four kids and two very busy jobs and this was the perfect getr-away for us. We love it that there is no TV. We talked for hours and were able to really enjoy one another - ALONE :-) The cabin is amazing and we will be back for sure. Thanks for everything (the jam, the hospitality) it's amazing!"
Danville, VA

December 11-12, 2010
"We loved our stay here at Bobcat Bungalow! We were blown away when we walked in, it is so beautiful! We enjoyed a visit to Chatteau Morrisette this weekend. The next morning we woke to a beautiful snow fall and sat out on the porch taking it all in. The wood stove was our favorite, super cozy. Thank you so much for providing such a nice, gorgeous place to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! Next year we home to come back and we will have an addition, baby Juliet!"
Roanoke, VA

December 3-4, 2010
"We all had a great time. It was a birthday surprise for me. This is a very relaxing and peaceful place. I wish that we could stay longer but we will return later. I'm happy that it snowed because it was the most beartiful scenery. Thank you for a wonderful birthday experience in the Bobcat Cabin. PS The jam was great. We loved it with our breakfast this morning. Thanks for everything."
Durham, NC

November 19-21, 2010
"This was our second visit here at the Bobcat and found it to be even better than the first. We celebrated our 34th year of marriage this time and we couldn't have found a more peaceful and relaxing place to do that. We are hoping one day to return with our children and grandchildren so we can share this peaceful place and experience with them. Thanks."
Newport News, VA

October 31 - November 6, 2010
"Thank for your wonderful accommodations! We could not have picked a better place to spend our honeymoon. Also, thank you for your warm welcoming gift - it was much enjoyed. We loved Floyd and Willis and hope to return again soon!"
Manchester, TN

October 20-22, 2010
"We had a wonderful time in this beautiful cabin. Hope to see you again next fall."
Findlay, OH

October 23-25, 2010
"We eight girls brought our grandmother, who's 91, here after our granddad passed. What a beautiful way to be able to enjoy, remember and mourn our loss. Loved the cabin - it was just like heaven! - Loved it! What a beautiful place. Our granny thought it was wonderful and enjoyed the splendor of it all - down to the furniture and how we made this trip especially about her and what she likes.. God's creation and wonder. PS We were at the Cougar Cabin too, and its' super as well!"
Holdes, NM,Amarillo, TX, Breckenridge, TX, Lubbock, TX, Dimmett, TX, Houston, TX, Abilene, TX and Sunnyside, TX

October 8-11, 2010
"This is our second time here and again we had a wonderful time! We came here for our honeymoon the 1st time and the 2nd , this time, to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Thank you for the blackberry jam, wine and thoughtful card! We both hope to come back next year to celebrate our 2nd anniversary."
Alexandria, VA

October 2-3, 2010
"My husband and I received this weekend from my dad. It is so beautiful up here. All you can do is relax. The cabin is phenomenal. I would love to have a getaway place like this one day. Until then.....this it it."

September 29 - October 2, 2010
"Three lovely nights in your cabin surrounded by this quiet beauty-do we have to go back? The well is now dug and that's another step closer to being here year round. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place to be - "
Houston, TX

September 24-26, 2010
"Thank you so much for letting us stay at this cabin this weekend. It was perfect for a mom, dad, and virginia Tech enrolled daughter to spend time together. A particular favorite visitor was Benna, our four-year-old birthday dog. She loved meeting the horses! Thanks again for letting us stay!"
Fairfax, VA

September 13, 2010
"Thank you for the beautiful space to sit, think, and just be. The field, the porch, and millions of stars kept us company. Sunrise on the porch and through the window cannot be described."
Knoxville, TN

September 4-5, 2010
"Thank you so much for sharing your lovely cabin! We loved the porch and enjoyed relaxing in the rocking chairs, taking in the scenery, and listening to nature. Last night we went to Chateau Morrisette for Movie on the Lawn! It was a little chilly, but we bundled up in a blanket and enjoyed some wine while watching "Rear Window" It was perfect! We hate we can't stay any longer, but we hope to be back as soon as we can! Can't wait to try the jam at home - it looks yummy and from reading past entries we know it's going to be! Thank you again."
Roanoke, VA

August 31-September 4, 2010
"We had a fantastic time here! We had a rough start with the luggage being lost for two days, but you were so gracious! From waiting up for us to check in late to directing the airport delivery people to the right place, you were incredibly kind and understanding. We spent many hours on the porch looking out at the gorgeous view and waking up in the sunshine each morning was just wonderful. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law joined us for the last day and night and they both raved about the lovely cabin and how comfortable it is. We will treasure our memories of the starry nights, golden hazy mornings and serene, fragrant hikes. Thank you so much for the amazing relaxing time we had! Very best wishes."
Brooklyn, New York

August 2010
"Had a great time. Love the Bobcat! See you in October."

August 13-15, 2010
"Once again we had a very relaxing weekend at the beautiful Bobcat Bungalow! The temps were warm during the day but cooled off so nicely at night. We appreciated your warm hospitality and wonderful meals. Back to the grind on Mon. Ugh...We will see you again very soon."
Elgin, IL

June 26 - July 11, 2010
"Again we loved every minute in the beautiful bungalow. What an inviting and comfort-filled place to be. Your kitchen and outdoor grill were wonderful. We are again taking the blackberry jam home to remind us of this fine time here. Thank you for the hospitality. 'Til next time..."
Houston Texas

June 18 - 20, 2010
"We came here for my husband's birthday and to spend some time alone together. After hectic work schedules, we were able to slow down and relax. We tasted excellent hard cider, mead and wine while we were here. It was a great weekend.
P.S. Thanks to our friends who stayed on Apr. 16 for recommending Indian Creek and the Bobcat Bungalow. We loved the jam!"
Burke, VA

June 4 - 6, 2010
"What a fabulous welcome to Virginia! We are in the process of relocating to Roanoke and needed a few days respite from the chaos of moving. Plus I wanted to turn 50 somewhere peaceful w/ natural beauty and your cabin couldn't have been more perfect a spot. Thank you for the extra finishing touches that make your place more comfortable than most. We'll look forward to future visits during the other seasons!"
Golden Valley, MN (but not for long!)

May 29 - 30, 2010
"You truly have a piece of heaven here. Everything was just perfect here. We needed a place to come and relax and forget the world for awhile and you provided a place to do just that. We are already planning when we are coming back. Thanks you so much!"
Reidsville, NC

May 11-12, 2010
"Thanks for providing us with a fun night away. We're graduating from VT this week and it was a nice last hurrah for the five of us. We loved everything about the Bobcat Bungalow!"

April 26, 2010
"We came for time alone, to reflect on our past, we found peace and beauty. Our time to reflect lead to new dreams, of honesty spoken to open hearts. We talked to each other, and to the heavens until we were touched by the hand of God. Thank you so very much."
Newport News, VA

April 16 - 18, 2010
"Thanks so much, this was our 1st visit and it was very relaxing and the cabin is beautiful! Hit up some wineries and had a great weekend! Thanks for the yummy jam. Hope to be back soon."
Falls Church and Bridgewater, VA

April 2 - 5, 2010
"Our second visit here, again a wonderful time. The 2nd was my birthday so this was a great birthday and a great Easter. Both my kids came to spend it with us. We had a beautiful sunny weekend which made Easter nice. Can't wait to come back next time. This place is a great place to get away from all the busy times we have in life and be able to relax in the quiet. Thanks for such a great weekend - hope to be back soon."
Bergholz, Ohio

Dec. 31, 2009 - Jan. 2, 2010
"Really enjoyed our stay and will return in the spring. It was the nicest way to celebrate our 1st year anniversary in the US." U.K.
"A wonderful place to relax and recharge after a very difficult year. I am ready for 2010 now. Thank you."

December 24 - 26, 2009
"Another enjoyable visit, our first with snow. It's beautifiul here and a great place to spend Christmas. Looking forward to our next visit."
Fairfax. VA

November 21-22, 2009
"Thank you! We enjoyed celebrating another anniversary here. We love the hiking trails, and hammocks in the woods. This cabin is a perfect mix of luxury and nature. Thank you."
Pilot, Va

November 13 - 15, 2009
"Thanks again for a wonderful stay - the 'summer weather' made our stay here better than we could have hoped for!! We'll be back as soon as you get some snow. We'd like to go sledding..."
Chapel Hill and Sweden

November 1 - 4, 2009
"We had only been in the cabin for about 30 seconds when my bride decided she wanted to return next year! The pictures online do not do the Bungalow justice; it was like spending time inside a cedar chest - with a wood stove and a jacuzzi! We would recommend it to anyone. With much appreciation,"
Arlington, VA

Oct. 30- Nov. 1, 2009
"Another great weekend. We had intended to go to the parkway and leaf-peep but it rained all weekend, which was fine with us. We stayed in and played board games and relaxed in front of the fire. Our dog had a good time as well, we bought him a huge bone at Food Lion. So big our German Shepard couldn't hold it in his mouth for long. He chewed on that all weekend and patrolled around the cabin. Awesome time." Newport, VA

October 23 and 24, 2009
"Well, returned as we said we would and what a wind storm Friday night! Whew! Love the peace and quiet. Hiked a trail. Don't want to leave but the real world beckons."
Roanoke, VA

October 16 - 20, 2009
"So much peace and quiet once again to renew our inner spirit. What excitement while having breakfast on Saturday, looking out the window and below the stairs there stands a beautiful black bear! Nothing like it. We hope to see you in October of 2010. Have a wonderful year ahead and by the way, Mary, your jam was the best ever!"
Burlington, NC

October 9, 2009
"We are back for another great stay. This visit we used the fire pit and walked one of the trails. The leaves were just great. Hope to see you again soon."
Raleigh and Chapel Hill, NC

October 7 - 9, 2009
"We first visited when I came to pick up a pair of your fabulous microphones. For those of you not involved in audio, Peluso makes world class microphones for the professional recording industry. Peluso is well known, as are the microphones, to be a stickler for delivering high quality at an affordable price. The same goes for the cabins. We visit Mountain Lake every year because of the cabin quality and the nature we can't enjoy in Richmond. From here on we'll be visiting Indian Creek Cabins as least once a year.""We have really enjoyed our stay in Bobcat Bungalow these last two days. It was great to get away from home and enjoy such a beautiful and relaxing place. The cabin is beautiful and you have furnished it so cozy and comfortable. We enjoyed the wood stove last night and a steak dinner on the grill. We had a good nights sleep, the bed was so comfortable. We are looking forward to coming back again. We are going to have my adult kids come from Roanoke and enjoy the cabin and trails also. Thank you so much for the blackberry jam. We will enjoy it at home. Thanks for your kindness."
Richmond, VA

October 3 - 4, 2009
"A last minute trip turned out to be an amazing experience! We love this cottage, the views and setting. We will return very soon for a longer stay! Thank you for the wonderful preserves - I'll bring it back home with us!"
Chapel Hill and Sweden

September 25 - 27, 2009
"Another lovely weekend here! Two days of rain and fog didn't interfere with exploring Floyd County and hiking. Evenings cooking together with a fire and rain pounding on the roof, were a sweet way to do our annual reunion here."
Asheville, NC and Charlottesille, VA

August 15 - 18, 2009
"Thank you for letting us stay in your cabin this weekend. You've given us a beautiful place to stay this week while moving our daughter into her apartment in Blacksburg to start her sophmore year at Virginia Tech. Staying at the cabin was so much more peaceful and beautiful than being stuck in a hotel for days. We love going camping so this place was perfect for us. The view at night watching the stars and we even got to see a few shooting stars and the Milky Way one evening was breathtaking. Thank you for letting us use your phone when my cell phone died and for providing us with a place for our trailer to be parked. You've done a great job with providing all the necessities for the kitchen. Can't wait to come back soon. This will be our place to stay when we visit our daughter."
Bergholtz, OH

August 11, 2009
"Thank you for wonderful time at your beautiful Bobcat Bungalow. After losing our little angel to tragedy this year, a quiet, peaceful few days was a blessing. It was wonderful to watch the children run and play. As a family we really needed this level of quiet and disconnent from the hussle of the world. While everyone sleeps, the view and sunrise from the rocking chairs on the porch makes the most peaceful place to praise the Lord and count your many blessings. I have found where I need to go when I need a break to take a much closer walk with the Lord. Thank you for your kindness, and your preserves. I can't wait to return and curl up with a book, a warm fire, and pot of soup. I am so blessed to have found you and your wonderful cabin. I feel rested and ready to return to life as we knew it. We will tell everyone they must spend some time in this very beautiful part of Va and must stay here and feel what it is like to not hear cars, trains, tvs, phones, computers, fax machines, golf carts, and neighbors lawn mowers at 7 am." Moncks Corner, SC

July 23 - 26, 2009
"We truly enjoyed our stay here at Bobcat Cungalow and hope to come back some time when we aren't running back and forth from Floydfest. The sunrise was incredibly beautiful, the accomodations perfectly relaxing, and the wildlife stunning. We counted five foxes in one day, along with plenty of deer, oppossoms and a weasel. What a welcome and much needed change! Thank you for sharing your piece of appalacian soliture with the world. Bless you.!"
Fairfield, PA

July 20 - 23, 2009
"Thank you so much for profiding us with your cabin! Everything was just perfect! The kiddies especiallly enjoyed the bath tub. Our little one and the fireplace didn't play so nice resulting in a blistered index finger :-( Needless to say, fireplace 1, Little One 0. The trails were great - look for a nice place to recharge *hint: it's blue*. Outside fire pit was killer until the showers came. We cooked everything from steaks to ribs, corn on the cob, buttered zucchini and squash on the grill. Overall, what a fantastic getaway from pharmacy and Petsmart. Lastly, highly recommend getting up for the sunrise - what a view! Thanks again and see you next year!"
Melbourne, FL

July 11 - 19, 2009
"Sorry we didn't get to visit with you this trip. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The weather was incredible! We walked your trails, (ate some blackberries along the way - we always take our blackberry preserves home to help us 'flashback' to our wonderful time here. ) Thank you for the marvelous hospitality. Your cabins are truly unique places to excape. You are so very kind to provide such a memorable place. Our house plans are coming along and we hope to solve the pine tree trouble this year. (They have gotten so big so quickly!) We'd like to return over Christmas break. We'll be in touch."
Houston, TX

July 9 - 10, 2009
"We so enjoyed staying at the Bobcat, and will highly recommend your place to everyone we know. Your place is awesome, and facilitates the kind of serenity we were looking for. The view was awesome and basking in the breeze on the porch was heavenly. You've done a great job and you're so kind. "
Portland, OR

July 2 - 6, 2009
"Thank you for letting us stay in your cabin for our anniversary weekend. The cabin is beautiful, the view incredible and the peace and quiet priceless. Only one problem you maqe it harder to go back to the lives we don't want to be living. We want to homestead. (someday I hope) The grilll was great, I cooked baby back ribs and I think the dog enjoyed it more than we did." Newport, VA

June 30, 2009
"The Bobcat Bungalow was our 'home away from home' for five wonderful nights. We travelled from California for two special events. A beautiful wedding for our niece and a family reunion. The cabin provided everything we needed and we were able to sneak in a hike between all the activity. The sunrises were spectacular, the evening breezes were cooling and the views were amazing. With all the running back and forth, the cabin provided a calming retreat. Thank for building a beautiful cabin!!"
Vacaville, CA

June 12 - 13, 2009
"Exceeded all expectations - Well equipped in all aspects - Loved our stay."
Danville and Clemmons, VA

May 14-17, 2009
"What a wonderful place to celebrate our daughter's graduation from VA Tech. The family could get together, relax, grill out and then go hiking on your trails. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. We have stayed in Cougar Ridge Cottage years ago and we enjoyed this one just as much. Our son could just walk the trails forever, but he is 12 so he never gets tired. Our 21-year-old had no cell phone service and no internet - he had plenty of family bonding time. Papa told Nana they need to spend a week here. And our graduate was thrilled everyone could be here, now she has to concentrate on getting a job and begin her journey in life."
Hampton, VA

May 10, 2009
"Wow Mom, you really outdid yourselves with this cabin! Happy Mother's Day! We really enjoyed spending the weekend with you. And our first stay in the Bobcat was so relaxing and peaceful. We love being here." " 'Wow Grandma, my mom and I slept so great and we loved the sunshine and rain that greeted us each day. I can't wait to come back and swim in the tub for real!' Thank you so much for the delicious hospitality!"
Woodside, CA

April 16-17, 2009
"What a peaceful setting! This was exactly what we needed - some quiet time alone. Hopefully we can come back soon!"
Ruffin, NC

April 10-12, 2009
"Easter Weekend. We have been here at the Bobcat again. Our 5th stay. This is becoming our home-away-from-home. We keep things packed just for our trips here. We plan our meals and so enjoy cooking in this great kitchen. We always bring something to grill. Thanks again for providing such a quiet place to recharge."
Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC

April 3-5, 2009
"As always, nothing like such wonderful tranquility and peacefulness of this environment. Plus the great treat of Mary's blackberry jelly. Thanks"
Burlington, NC

"March 6 & 7, 2009
"Thank you so much for the beautiful mountain getaway and wonderful hospitality! We really enjoyed the cozy, rustic decor and amenities - you've thought of everything we might need on our relaxing, romantic weekend. Sammy (our puppy) also really enjoyed the long walks on the trails and meeting a horse for the first time!!
Thank you so much for a very special weekend. :-)"
Blacksburg, VA

February 22, 2009
"Thanks for providing such a great getaway. We had a relaxing retreat from the "real world". No TV, no phones, no problem. :-) Our dog loved the trails and all the new smells outside. The cozy woodstove just made everything perfect. We woke to snow Sunday morning, a surprize ending that made everything gorgeous. Thanks, Great view of the stars!!!!"
Roanoke, VA

January 31, 2009

"What a wonderful place to get away. The views are gorgeous and we loved being able to take a walk and explore. We will definitely be coming back now that we know there is such a great place to escape to just a short distance away."
Riner, VA

January 18, 2009
"Thanks for a great visit, as always everything was perfect. We have stayed here for three anniversaries, and we just love it. It is so nice to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life. Also I love to see my wife of 15 year's face when we get here. Thanks for all your work and preparation to keep these cabins near perfect." Roanoke, VA

December 28 - Jan 4, 2009
"We can't think of a finer place to celebrate the end of a year/beginning of the next. Your beautiful bungalow affords your guests comfort and privacy. No traffic, no schedules, the luxury of time in a beautiful setting. You've thought of everything! Once again our sincerest thanks."
Houston, TX

November 26 - 30, 2008
"What a great place to escape the hectic pace we endure week after week. By far, we enjoyed the best Thanksgiving holiday - ever! We relaxed by the fire while our entree slowly cooked atop the oven. We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from beginning to end and spent the entire day in our pajamas - now that is relaxing!! The Bobcat Bungalow has it all: privacy, quiet, comfort, coziness, and beautiful scenery, including picturesque sunrises and sunsets! I stirred up 4 white-tail deer this morning while walking along the tree-line between the cabin and the wheat field just beyond the outside fire pit. It was quite a sight as I watched them run and jump across the field and into the woods. Thanks to John and Mary for providing such a wonderful venue for so many to stay and enjoy. We will be sure to tell our firends all about it as they view all of the pictures we took during our stay. We shall return!"
Fayetteville, NC

November 22, 2008
"We drove a short way to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We love the outdoors, so this was the perfect mix of nature and luxury. We enjoyed the trails (great hammock!). We enjoyed the views. We enjoyed getting away from people for a while. Great place to stay!"
Pilot, VA

November 14 - 16, 2008
"My time in the cabin provides me the solitude my life does not. The quiet is so welcomed and needed. This cabin has become a spiritual place for me. P.S. To those who follow me - enjoy, relax, and recharge."
Chapel Hill, NC

Nov 7-9, 2008
"We go to a mountain cabin every year (4th yr) and this is, by far, the best! The luxury, privacy, quiet, etc. was welcome after the looooong Pres. election!! We will definitely be back.....the accomodations are super. Visit Floyd's shops (and hardware store, guys) Thanks!!"
Smith Mountain Lake, Va

Nov. 1, 2008
"It's too bad we could only stay one night! The cabin itself is just as amazing as the wonderful view! We had a great time walking the trails and relaxing in the cabin! We will definitely be back!"
VA Tech

Oct. 26-27, 2008
"We love this place! The view, the jacuzzi tub, the decor, the porch, Floyd! - The country store Friday night dances and especially the street musicians. OddFellas Cantina. The Schoolhouse Fabric Store - 3 stories of fabrics - bought lots of great yardage for my TablesGoneWild.com tablecloth adventures. Enjoy your stay!"
Raleigh, NC

October 25, 2008
"My husband and I came up to see my son who is attending Virginia Tech and discovered this beautiful 'Bobcat Bungalow'. We only stayed one night but the peace and quiet were simply incredible! The view of the fall colors was breathtaking! We will definitely plan another visit to this lovely cabin and stay longer for some R & R. Thank you for sharing your place with us! Thanks y'all from the low country of South Carolina."
Mt. Pleasant, NC

October 16-18, 2008
"We came to the area for a short family vacation and to visit with relatives in Woolwine. It was our great good fortune to find thie peaceful getaway. Thanks for a great family vacation!"
Staley, NC and Pittsboro, NC

October 15, 2008
"Thank you for making our 'Mommy-Baby' mini-vacation so wonderful and relaxing. We needed peace and quiet with a few beautiful sunrises and that's exactly what we got. Thanks! We'll be back."
Roanoke, VA

October 10, 2008
"Sitting here, in this big overstuffed shair, nibbling on crusty brown bread topped with Blackberry jam and listening to the wind whistle outside the door and yellow leaves float past the windows, I wonder - Is this what heaven is like?"
"Floyd has long seemed like a vortex of art, music and fairy-like fantasy. These cabins capture the magic that is the mountains of Virginia with an ease, grace and comfort that belie its many amenities. Perfect!"
Hampton, VA

Oct. 4 - 6, 2008
"Thank you for this wonderfully comfortable space in which to retreat - The cabin's amenities are delightful - the quality of your furnishings and accoutrements are outstanding. The architecture of the cabin allowed us to fully relax and soak in the natural beauty of this space and place. May you be well."
Charlottesville, Va and Asheville, NC

Sept. 25 - 28
"Rained all 3 days and we didn't even mind. The cabin and setting is wonderful. Enjoyed the fireplace every day - even better than T.V. Worked on puzzles and even managed a Galax to Foster Falls bike ride (in the rain - but who cares!) The jacuzzi was the best, especially with unlimited hot water to fill it (we've rented other cabins where we couldn't even begin to use theirs) Had a great time and would definitely come again. We were actually thankful for the bad weather because it forced us to stay in more and really enjoy your wonderful cabin. Thanks again."
Springfield, VA

Sept. 14, 2008
"We thoroughly enjoyed the beauty and peace of the cabin. It was a wonderful respite from the hustle and bustle of working life. We both covet the beautiful place you have and thank you for the oopportunity to borrow it for a while."
Portsmouth, VA

Aug. 23 - 24, 2008
"This 'cabin' definitely exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect to find a 'cabin' in rural VA that can best be described as upscale. My towels at home aren't this fluffy and soft. The almost absolute silence (the bugs are pretty noisy) was great. And being able to view the stars without city lights was a treat. I only wish the trails weren't quite so steep, but a nice jacuzzi bath kept be from being sore the next day! Thanks for the experience, I hope to have an opportunity to return at a future date."
Summerfield, NC

Aug. 15 - 17, 2008
"We had a reallly nice weekend and enjoyed our stay at the Bobcat. Friday night at the Floyd Country Store is always a memorable evening. We hiked to the top of Buffalo Mountain and the views are well worth the effort. With a daughter at Roanoke College and VA Tech football (Go Hokies!) nearby, we hope to return to the Bobcat Cabin soon."
Atlanta, GA

August 1 - 3, 2008
"Everything that is the Bobcat Bungalow is exactly what we needed to put our minds and souls where they should be. Your hospitality, the scenery and the comfort that you have created is unbelievable. Here, this weekend, we celebrated J's birthday and she was blown away to speechless the entire time - thank you so much! We will be back!"
Wilmington, NC

July 12 - 19, 2008
It is always so hard to leave. There's so much to miss and remember. (Thank goodness for memory.)
We loved every minute of our stay. This year we walked your lovely trails and even looked for arrowheads. We had family visitors who marveled at the luxury inside this cabin - (The terrific beds, fluffy towels, well-equipped kitchen.)
We did more exploring in Floyd and even had meat-loaf sandwiches at the Blue Ridge Restaurant. The General Store looks great with all the new trappings.
Thanks again for the gracious hospitality evident in every thoughtful aspect of your cabin."
Houston, TX

July 2 - 5, 2008
"It was so wonderful to spend time with all the cousins and renew our family ties! You are outstanding hosts. Your place is so beautiful and the cabins are fabulous. It was fun sharing the cabin. Hope you can all come and celebrate in MT real soon. We loved meeting your young people, you are all so warm and gracious - God's blessings to you!"
Billings, MT

July 2 - 5, 2008
"This is truly a slice of heaven! We loved the Bobcat...especially the Jacuzzi! Scenery is spectacular. The trails are fun. So fun to get to know and spend time with the other side of your family. They were so warm and friendly. Thanks for putting together this family reunion. We had a blast!"
Elgin, IL

June 22, 2008
"Sun Music Hall was great last night thanks to a great group of people and the music of the "Carolina Chocolate Drops". The cabin is incredible, everything we needed and a little more. Thank you for making our stay so pleasant."
Roanoke, VA

May 24 - 26, 2008
"Perfection! A piece of heaven on earth! Indescribable! We absolutely loved our stay at the Bobcat Bungalow! The porch and peaceful spring evenings were our favorite. The starry nights with only sounds of nature were very relaxing and exactly what we needed. The Jacuzzi tub was very nice after the long hike at Rock Castle Gorge. Everything is very nice and top of the line. Makes you feel right at home! This is such a wonderful place and more than we dreamed of. We will be back! A Memorial Day tradition??"
Roanoke, VA

May 8 - 11, 2008
"Our family found the perfect place to help celebrate our daughter's graduation from Virginia Tech. We saw wonderful sunrises each day, as we rose to attend an event on campus. Each afternoon and evening we returned to this beautifully appointed "cabin" to have lunch and dinner and take lovely walks. By Saturday, we sat on the porch and took in the views of the glorious mountains.
The quiet was a reprieve from our busy days and gave us time to rest and reflect. The kitchen, dining, and living room were very comfortable for our visiting family and gave us the great space to spread out and relax. Though five of us stayed, our daughter, her boyfriend and our son came for dinner on Saturday and we easily had supper around the table just like at home! The barbeque allowed us to create incredible salmon, skirt steak, and marvelous roasted veggies. Where other guests saw birds of all types, we ate foods of all kinds. The kitchen and grill were well stocked and we loved the blackberry jam, which we all agreed was the best we have ever tasted. Thank you so much for the tasty treat!
The walk was great and gave us the much needed exercise from a long ride each day. We took the Cougar loop and then headed to the pasture to visit with the horses, sheep, cows, and llamas. We spotted "tree mushrooms" and many blackberry bushes.
We all have wonderful memories of the graduation and our fabulous stay at the Bobcat Bungalow. This is a rare find that was such a pleasant surprise! Thanks!!!"
Trumbull, CT; Fairfield, CT; Enfield, CT; VA Tech 2008; Derby, CT; UNCG 2010

May 3-4, 2008
"What a wonderful cabin!! We enjoyed our quiet restful time, the beautiful views, steaks on the grill, and the fireplace burning last night. We have been friends for over 30 years and rarely see each other so this was a great time to share laughter and friendship."
Franklin County, VA

April 9 - 12, 2008
"This cabin was far beyond our expectations! We walked the beautiful trails during the day and built fires at night. Our children were able to really experience nature in its fullest. The beds were comfy, the jam was yummy, and the scenery breathtaking...We will recommend this to everyone who truly wants to get away!"
West Palm Beach, FL

April 9, 2008
"We loved every moment of your generous hospitality in these magnolia-covered mountains! Thank you."
"Many thanks for a wonderful visit."
Maryland and Washington, DC

April 5-6, 2008
" It has only been two months since we were here and we are back again for another great weekend. We just needed a weekend of peace and quiet and to spend some time together. We enjoyed sitting in front of the fire as the rain came down hard outside. We really do enjoy the cabins here. We plan to return as much as possible. (The blackberry preserves are to die for!)"
South Boston, VA

March 16, 2008
"This is our 2nd stay @ the Bobcat Bungalow. The fresh air, warm fires and the comfortable bed make our stay here so memorable! It's like taking a step back in time. We look forward to returning here soon to this piece of heaven on earth! Thanks again for the wonderful jam!!"
"What a blessing to spend time with family @ such a wonderful place!!"
Rutherfordton, NC
Danville, VA

March 9, 2008
"Wow! What a wonderful retreat you have built! We felt completely at home and away from it all for our weekend together. On Saturday evening, we attended the Ceilidh event at Chateau Morrissette, and all in all have had a blissful experiece. Thanks for the hospitality and the jam. We look forward to future visits."
Craig Co, VA

February 24, 2008
"Our stay was sonderful and we look forward to visiting soon. Feels like home."

February 17, 2008
"We enjoyed our stay at the Bobcat Bungalow - it is so warm and inviting. Our dog, Maggie Mae loved the trails and retiring by the wood stove. This morning we watched a herd of deer feeding in the pasture. Thank you for sharing your private reprieve and the blackberry jam was out of this world."
Oak Ridge, NC

February 9, 2008
"We are back once again. In '03 we stayed at the Cougar Ridge Cabin and loved it. When our 15th wedding anniversary came we wanted a quiet getaway and so we thought of the Indian Creek Cabins. The Bobcat Bungalow was a wonderful place to stay to celebrate our anniversary. My husband and I really enjoyed each other. The cabin in the woods was so peaceful even though the winds howled all night. On Sunday morning we awoke to a beautiful sunrise. We relaxed together all day Sunday and enjoyed each others company and we really hated to have to leave but we do plan to return one day. The owners are really great and thanks for the blackberry jam. It's a great place to stay."
South Boston, VA

January 19, 2008
"A wonderful getaway - fabulous way to spend our 2nd anniversary - pleasantly quiet and relaxing! We loved all the trails and thank you for allowing us to bring our dogs - they are sleeping at my feet as I write this. We all look forward to a return visit to this little piece of heaven!!
Blacksburg, VA

January 1, 2008
"Happy New Year! We enjoyed the peace and quiet! A beautiful place to relax."
Roanoke, VA

December 1, 2007
"What a lovely place to watch the Hokies win the ACC championship game! The "Bobcat" was everything we expected and then some. We loved it! Hope to be back again soon."
Roanoke, VA

November 15, 2007
"Thank y'all so much for the gracious hospitality and privilege to stay at Bobcat Bungalow The cabin was beautiful, the view off the porch - amazing. You though of every need we might have - it was the perfect getaway and will always be a delightful memory! And thank you for the basket of "newlywed"gifts. The made us feel so special!!"
Taylors, SC

November 11, 2007
"Thanks again for a wonderful time! We got to stay in the Bobcat this time and it is so beautiful!! We had a lovely time and got to relax in this adorable, cozy place in the country! We will definitely be back again. Thank you so much for the jam - yummy!"
Rutherfordton, NC

November 5, 2007
"A very comfortable cabin in a beautiful area. This is a good way to remind us that the natural world still exists."Herndon, VA

November 2 - 4, 2007
"We had such a lovely weekend here in the Bobcat Bungalow. The peace and quiet was much welcomed, as well as the beautiful views. We enjoyed everything about our stay here, especially hiking on all the trails. Thanks so much for this opportunity to let us spend a relaxing and meaningful weekend together. We're already planning a return visit!"Fairfax, VA

October 27, 2007
"We are back once again and now the weather is cold and leaves are changing color. This place has provided me once again a place away where I have found peace. Thank you so much for this peaceful lovely place to recharge by battery. I will come back."Chapel Hill, NC

October 22-25, 2007
"Our 2nd visit this year to the Bobcat Bungalow was restful and fun. We look forward to returning again soon."Fairfax and Brightwood, VA

October 19-22, 2007
"Once again our stay has been delightful. The colors of the mountains were just what we hoped for. We visited Floyd this time around and found it to be such a quaint little village. We enjoyed part of our Saturday there. As always, your jam was outstanding. Many thanks; also the trails were fun and gave us plenty of exercise. We hope to visit a few times in the coming year. The porch is by far our very favorite place to relax and connect once again with our souls."Burlington, NC

October 12 - 14, 2007
"Floyd, Va has been a magical place to me since I first 'discovered' it about 10 years ago when my sister moved here. Now that she has moved away, I wanted to re-experience it's beauty and musical charms on my own. Your perfect cabin makes my dream of coming back to Floyd every October (at least) an exciting and relaxing reality! My husband and family can now experience this magical place with me in peace and comfort year after year. A new family tradition is born! What a sanctuary you have created in what is already one of my favorite places on earth. Thank you, thank you."
"Arriving late Friday night, we enjoyed the wood stove and a very quiet night. Saturday, we ate our way thru Floyd Co. from Blue Ridge Restaurant to the Bread Box. We returned at 4 p.m. to enjoy the porch, then moved to the outdoor fire ring for sunset and an evening of stars. The cottage is cozy with individually zoned rooms and we loved the east bedroom for warm, cozy sunrises. We plan to book today for this time next year."
Hampton, VA

October 5 - 7, 2007
"Thanks so much for a wonderful weekend getaway! It truly was a wonderful experience. The blackberry jam was delicious. We look forward to our next trip!"
Winston-Salem, NC

October 1 - 3, 2007
"Although we live by the beach, our hearts remain in the mountains. My husband and I had no idea what we were getting into as we found ourselves on the front porch of the Bobcat Bungalow with the breathtaking view. Needless to say, we found the rest we were in need of, a romantic place to enjoy our one year anniversary, and a place to come home to when we long for the mountains again. See you again soon! *Bring water on the trails! Get ready for a great workout :-)*"
Wilmington, NC

Sept. 23, 2007
"Once again I have had a peaceful weekend here in the Bobcat. I will be back."
"Great time again. Truly wonderful, looking forward to Oct. and Dec."
Chapel Hill, NC

Sept. 7 - 9, 2007
"We've been looking for a good cabin in this area for several years now. Guess what? It's been found. The first impression when we walked in was of "wow, look at all that wood." The wood smell and all the nice furnishings that were provided in the cabin were great." "Thanks for the wonderful weekend with our friends."
Orangeburg, SC

August 30-Sept.3, 2007
"This was our second annual friends reunion in the Floyd area. Another great time was had by all. In addition to catching up and remembering good times passed, we made new memories to recall at future gatherings. Here are some of the highlights from our relaxing weekend.
1) The Big Flea Market of Hillsville
2) Virginia Tech's opening football game
3) Horseshoes
4) Hiking the cabin trails
5)Making s'mores
6) Cooking and eating good food
7) Completing two jigsaw puzzles
8) Gazing at the stars by campfire light
9) Sleeping soundly in those comfy beds
10) Listening to old time radio on the porch
Thank you for sharing your place with us!"
Clarkston, GA

August 27, 2007
"Thank you so much for the beautiful place to spend a peaceful weekend. The cabin is the perfect refuge and we enjoyed the countryside of Floyd tremendously."
Arlington, VA

August 19, 2007
"Thank you for the hospitality. We had a great time and are already talking about a return visit. You really have a truly special place here. Thanks again."
Floyd, VA

August 11 and 12, 2007
"What a shame that we were only able to stay here one night... We enjoyed the beautiful view and the relaxing Jacuzzi while we could. After a week of vacationing with fourteen family members, a nice quiet night here was exactly what we needed. No TV, no kids, no messes to clean up. Just peace and quiet. We are already planning on who to bring with us the next time that we visit (hopefully this fall). This is a great place to work on my novel while still spending time with favorite friends and family. Hope to be back soon!
Bellbrook, OH

July 27-29, 2007
"We had a great anniversary weekend (#11) here at the cabin. We also experienced "Floyd Fest 6, It's in the Mix". The bands were great - the event is really well organized and lots of fun. Word to the wise - DON'T forget sunscreen! :-)
We hope to come back again soon.
Raleigh, NC

July 22, 2007
"Arriving on Fri was like stepping into Heaven. The temperatures during the day were in the mid-70s and in the low 50s over night. We walked the trails (watch out for the Bobcat Loop, it's a killer), picked ripe blackberries for pancakes and ate them as we picked them (which tasted like blessed warm sweet sunshine). Sunset is an incredible experience! Watching the world settle in and pull a nice comfy blanket over itself until sunrise, when the Blue Ridge Mountains show themselves through the mist. The cabin, after running around the countryside and shopping in Floyd, was like "comin' home". The Bobcat Cottage definitely allows one to completely escape and relax."
"I found a quiet time away here in this cabin. My mind has rested and by soul has fed. I will go back to the real world refreshed and ready to carry on. Thank you."
Chapel Hill, NC

July 16, 2007
"I came with my father, mother, and sister. We wake up and look at the view from the cabin. We also went to Foster Falls, and we tubed, kyacked and fished. We also got really good pizza from Dennys. We have a campfire outside every night. To top it all off we went to the Pine Tavern to eat dinner, it was delicious. Can't wait to come back."
"Thank you for the incredible hospitality. We couldn't have asked for anything more as far as accommodations. We will hopefully be returning to see this beautiful place again.
Thank you,
Chesapeake, VA

June 8, 2007
"We celebrated Cynthia's birthday weekend here. The bungalow has so much space! The views are spectacular and the "sounds of silence" soothe our souls. Thank you for building the bungalow and sharing it."
Hillsborough, NC

June 1-2, 2007
"Once again our stay was heaven on earth. We hate to see our time when we have to leave, but have our visit in October to look forward to. Mary, the jam preserves were outstanding. Thanks for always sharing it. See you in October!"
Burlington, NC

May 19-20, 2007
"The stay at the cabin was a brilliant journey. Thank you for your unique vision - it's hard to believe you were able to make a quaint and secluded cabin feel like a private mansion in the country. The much needed time away gave us a calm, quiet sense of clarity."

May 12-13, 2007
"Your new cabin is fantastic. Stepping into it is stepping into a place of comfort and retreat. You have thoughtfully filled it with lovely things and carefully set it in the perfect place. Your keen creativity is so much a part of the pleasure of being here. Thank you - we wish we could stay."
Houston, TX

May 4-6, 2007
"Your lovely cabin
A secret to be kept
We whispered to each other
Moments before we slept
Loopy trails and foggy mist
In the early morn, 'twas dew kissed
Every detail thought through and through
Fans on the porch, a breathtaking view
And who knew....silence could awaken
For miles and miles, ours for the taking
Magical place - we hate to go
Rest assured - we'll return
Before the year's next snow"
Lynchburg, VA

April 27 - 29, 2007
"Bird List:
Eastern Phoebe (Nest in light fixture above entrance to front door)
Eastern Towhee
Blue Headed Vireo
Tufted Titmouse
Northern Cardinal
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Black-capped Chickadee
Hooded Warbler
Worm-eating Warbler
Louisiana Water-Thrush
Black and White Warblers
Black Vulture
American Crow
Blue Jay (heard)
Pileated Woodpecker (heard)
American Goldfinch
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Black Throated-green Warbler (heard)
Carolina Wren (heard)
Northern Flicker (heard)
Eastern Screech Owl (heard)
Red-Bellied Woodpecker (heard)
Downy Woodpecker
Eastern Blackbird
Brown Thrasher -in creaked
American Robin -in front of cabin

At Buffalo Mountain:
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Black-throated-blue Warbler
American Redstart
Wood Thrush
Common Raven
Turkey Vulture

On the Road:
Eastern Bluebird
Eastern Meadowlark
Red-winged Blackbird
Barn Swallow

"We had a great visit! Birding and exploring in the day, music in Floyd at night. The cabin is beautiful, certainly the most luxurious "cabin" we've experienced. We particularly enjoyed the porch, where we cooked and ate a nice steak as the sun went down. The trails were well maintained and provided a nice tour of the valley. Hope to return!
Hanover, NH and Norfolk, VA

Apr. 21, 2007
"The cabin was much much more than the four of us expected. First class all of the way. We will be back."
Fairfax and Brightwood, VA

April 6-8, 2007
"This makes our second stay, first at the Cougar, now the Bobcat. The joy of staying is beyond any words of greatness. The quiet time and solitude are what help to bring peace back into our souls. We look forward to our next stay in June. Once again, thanks for the jam. It was outstanding. By the way, our son and his wife found their way right to the Bobcat door and loved every minute spent here with us for the Easter holiday."
Burlington, NC, Kernersville, NC

March 31, 2007
"We loved the Bobcat Cabin with it's old comfortable feeling yet modern convenience. Beautiful bathroom! I love the old wooden floors and ceilings. Just wonderful. We loved walking the trails with plentiful rhododendron, mountain laurel and all the lovely mountain plants. You have a wonderful place here. Our dog loved being able to stay too - and hiking all over the woods. This is a dog paradise. Hope we can come back soon."
Smith Mountain Lake, VA

March 16-18, 2007
"Thank you for such a nice place to stay. It was a cold weekend but the woodstove kept us cozy and warm. We loved waking up to the snow showers Saturday morning. The Bobcat Bungalow is decorated so beautifully. We had such a great time we hate to leave. It was just the getaway we so desperately needed. We hope to come back in the future. Thank you so much."
Floyd, VA

March 10, 2007
"Bobcat Bungalow was a beautiful place to stay on a chilly evening in March! Everything in the cabin was topnotch, from the wood floors, to the beautiful curtains, to the dishes in the cabinet. Aside from a beautiful house in a beautiful setting, the amenities included were wonderful. Our pup enjoyed the cabin as much as we did and having a house where pets are welcome is something you don't find much anymore. He appreciates it as much as we do! Thank you for making us feel at home! You will be seeing us again in the future.
Thanks for everything.
Radford, VA

March 2-4, 2007
"This is our second visit to Bobcat and each time proves to be more special. We both live such busy lives, with work, kids and other responsibilities, that we need to "make-time" to stop the clock! This beautiful mountain and this cottage always serve that we will leave relaxed. We don't know a better place where we can sit for hours and listen to the wind furiously bring the front in, and be so entertained! Where else can you sit in town at (Odd Fellas) and enjoy a great meal, wonderful music and meet people who really have time to get to know you!
This morning, Sunday, we awoke to discover a fresh layer of snow - it was amazing. It then made sense that the previous day's wind was busy bringing us a wonderful good-bye gift - (snow). One of our favorite past-times while staying here is to "bundle up" and sit on the porch at night and listen to the silence. You will find a quiet place in your soul very quickly - please try it and let us know if it works for you too. We believe that we have found a special place and look forward to returning in July for Floyd Fest."
Charlotte, NC

Feb. 25, 2007
"We celebrated my husband's 40th birthday here at your Bobcat Bungalow. It was everything we expected and more. It was great to escape everyday responsibilities and yet still have all the conveniences of home. Thank you for the blackberry jam and your warm hospitality that made our stay so special. Hope to see you again real soon!
Collinsville, VA

Feb.19, 2007
"Every Presidents Day weekend we travel to a secluded spot for a quiet rejuvenation. It is hard to beat Indian Valley and Bobcat Bungalow. We just loved the wind, the snow flurries, and the warm wood stove. The accommodations here are first rate, so much better than where we have stayed in the past. We'll come again."
Richmond, VA

Jan. 1, 2007
"Thanks for another perfect NYE! We love the Bobcat bungalow - so well done!!
Our "newlywed" New Years could not have been better. Thanks!"
Roanoke, VA

Dec. 29, 2006
"What a wonderful place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city! This charming cabin proved to be the perfect medicine for two stressed-out parents after the holidays ( without the kids - of course!)
Sitting on the porch last night all bundled up, listening to the serene silence was an incredible blessing. It was truly a magical experience. When was the last time you heard nothing? Amazing!!
Thanks for your incredible hospitality. We will be back!"
Charlotte, NC

December 21, 2006
"Thank you for the privilege to stay in Bobcat Bungalow. We were more than comfortable and touched by your hospitality. You were more than accommodating and our family will be back."
New South Wales, Australia

Dec. 3, 2006
"Thank you for offering such a beautiful view and warm and welcoming accommodations here at Bobcat Bungalow. We had very cold weather, but the wood stove kept us nice and toasty the whole night. We enjoyed bundling up and rocking on the rocking chairs, taking in the beautiful mountain view and rolling hills. What a wonderful discovery when we traveled into the town of Floyd and found great restaurants (we recommend Odd Fellas) and amazing works by local artists. The cabin is beautifully designed and had everything we needed for a relaxing weekend stay. We look forward to visiting again and truly appreciate the delicious blackberry jam."
Charlotte, NC

Thanksgiving 2006
"What a treat to be the first to stay at Bobcat Bungalow! Everything is perfect - the view, the rooms, the whirlpool tub and all the little luxuries, including John's bread and Mary's jam. The weather has been warm and wonderful too. We're looking forward to coming again in July. Bobcat is a beautifully designed house in a wonderful location with tremendous views and great walks."
Durham, NC

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